b'HAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSHAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSPLANESStanley 5-21-102 SurformStanley 5-21-122 SurformStanley 5-21-296 SurformStanley 5-21-398 Surform Plastic File Steel Planer File Steel Plane 10 Block Plane BladeWOOD WORKING TOOLSLightweight plastic moulded body for strength and durability Polypropylene handle and die Polypropylene handle and die Compact tool with curved blade forcast alloy body for strength andcast alloy body for strength andFor fine finishes on hard wood, end increased stock removal durability durability grain and some soft metals Can be set in two positions to be Fitted with replaceable standard 5-21-398 fits 21-399, 21-102 and 21-Works on pull strokeused as either a plane or a file cut blade 104 Simple click on blade replacement -Fitted with replaceable standard no tools required Code Size Unit Code Unitcut bladeCode Unit STA521296 10 Each STA521398 EachCode UnitSTA521102 Each STA521122 Each Stanley 5-21-297 SurformStanley 5-21-399 Surform Stanley 5-21-103 MouldedRound File Block PlaneBody Surform Plane Stanley 5-21-291 Surform Round Blade F or enlarging holes and shapingLightweight plastic moulded bodytightly curved surfaces for strength and durability 250mm round blade for enlargingTough Polypropylene handle for Strong heavy-duty metal body forFitted with replaceable standardholes and shaping tight curvedstrength and durability strength and durability cut blade - ideal for generalsurfacesFitted with replaceable bladeFitted with replaceable fine cutpurpose use Will fit 21-297Thumb grip - for comfort and easeblade - ideal for edges and confinedThumb screw for quick bladeof use work spacesrelease - no tools required Code Unit Thumb screw for quick blade STA521291 Each Code Unit release - no tools requiredCode Unit STA521297 EachSTA521103 Each Stanley 5-21-293 SurformCode UnitBlade 10 Stanley 5-21-299 SurformSTA521399 EachStanley 5-21-104 SurformHalf Round BladeBlock Plane Stanley 5-21-508 Surform Metal & Plastic Blade 10 Lightweight plastic moulded bodyfor strength and durability 250 mm standard flat blade forFitted with replaceable fine cuttrimming work blade - ideal for edges and confined Will fit; 21-122, 21-295, 21-296, 21-103work spaces Will fit 21-122, 21-29521-296 andWill fit 21-122, 21-295 21-296 andThumb screw for quick bladeCode Size Unit 21-203 21-203.release - no tools required STA521293 10 Each For fast stock removal and shapingCode Unitcurved surfacesCode Unit Stanley 5-21-295 SurformCode Unit STA521508 EachSTA521104 Each Flat File STA521299 Each Stanley 5-21-515 Surform Stanley 5-21-115 SurformShaver BladeShaver Tool Stanley 5-21-393 Surform Fine BladeStrong heavy-duty metal body with rear removable robust handle inLightweight plastic moulded bodyyellow polypropylene for strength and durability.Knurled thumb grip for precision Compact tool with curved blade forAccepts all types of 250 mm long increased stock removal. blades - for versatilityF or fine finishes on hard wood, end Works on pull stroke.F or use with push or pull actiongrain and some soft metalsF or fast stock removal Simple click on blade replacement -depending on direction of blade 5-21-398 fits 21-399, 21-102 and 21-Works on pull stroke no tools required. installation 104Will fit 21-115 Code Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitSTA521115 Each STA521295 Each STA521393 10 Each STA521515 Each362 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'