b'DECORATINGPAINT BRUSHESPAINT BRUSHES DECORATINGSilverline 427557 PremiumSilverline 585477 Emulsion &Silverline 642024 PaintSilverline 719775 Shed & Brush Set 5pc Paste Brush 125mm Brush Cover 12-75mm Fence Brush 125mmPAINT BRUSHESLong, thick, pure bristles for applying wallpaper paste and emulsion paint. Durable polypropylene coverShed and fence brush with specially Code Unit provides an airtight seal andformulated filaments for use with prevents paint brushes from dryingcreosotes, creosote substitutes and Super quality thick pure bristle paintSIL585477 Each out, while keeping them organisedgeneral wood preservatives.brush, natural wood beaver tailand ready to use. Prevents unwantedCode Unithandle and stainless steel ferrule. Silverline 589668 Masonrypaint contamination on toolboxes Outstanding performance with waterBrush 150mm and other equipment. Solvent- SIL719775 Eachand oil-based coatings. Sizes 19, 25,resistant and easy-to-clean. For use 40, 50 and 75mm. with oil and water-based paints. Silverline Premium Paint BrushCode Unit Code UnitSIL427557 Each SIL642024 EachSilverline Premium Mixed- Silverline 675077 Synthetic Bristle Paint Brush Brush SetHard-wearing, medium stiff bristles. Ideal for exterior masonry paints. Super quality, thick, pure bristle Code Unit paint brush, natural wood beaver tail handle and stainless steel ferrule. SIL589668 Each Outstanding performance with water and oil-based coatings.Silverline 629268 Paint Brush Cleaning Comb 175mm Code Size UnitExtra-soft natural bristles and high- SIL465987 12mm Eachend synthetic filament mix. Natural- Sizes 25, 38 and 50mm. 3pc. SIL238099 25mm Eachwood beavertail handle. Corrosion- SIL991859 40mm Eachresistant stainless steel ferrule.Code UnitDelivers an outstanding performanceSIL675077 Each SIL306432 50mm Eachwith water and oil-based coatings.SIL743916 75mm EachLeaves a professional-grade finish. Easy to clean, corrosion-resistantSilverline 675298 Pointed TipSIL316752 100mm EachCode Size Unit metal comb with classic woodBrush SetSIL839007 50mm Each handle. Silverline (511863) Premium SIL913685 75mm Each Code Unit Advanced Synthetic Paint SIL820231 100mm Each SIL629268 Each Brush 50mmSilverline 524598 Long ReachSilverline 633927 Flat Tipped Radiator Brush 50 x 325mm Brush SetState-of-the-art synthetic filament. Smooth, natural wooden beaver tail handle and corrosion-resistant Tip sizes from 1mm-12mm. 12pc. stainless steel ferrule. Excellent Angled pure bristle head suitableCode Unit paint pick-up with gradual paint for all types of paint. Enables accessSIL675298 Each release. For use with emulsion to difficult areas for painting andand oil-based coatings. Leaves a cleaning. Extra thin long-reachPure bristle with natural woodenprofessional-grade finish.plastic handle for flexibility. Excellenthandles. For finishing work, paintingSilverline Synthetic Paint Brushpaint pick-up and distribution. Code Unitand priming. Tip sizes from 1mm- SIL511863 EachCode Unit 12mm. 12pc.SIL524598 Each Code UnitSIL633927 EachSilverline 571494 Long Reach Brush 38 x 440mm Silverline 656585 Paper Hanging Brush 230mm Solid round filaments tapering from base to tip. Suitable for use with emulsion and oil-based coatings including varnish, wood stain and lacquer.Code Size UnitSIL581687 12mm EachSIL283001 25mm EachLong-handled brush for awkward toSIL821167 38mm Eachreach areas. Overall length 440mm. Soft springy tuft wallpaper brush. SIL367969 50mm Each NEED HELP? Code Unit Code Unit SIL718107 75mm EachSIL571494 Each SIL656585 Each SIL508818 100mm Each Call 0151 647 4255Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 81'