b'DECORATINGPAINTSDECORATINGPAINTSDECKING PAINT FLOOR PAINTRonseal Ultimate ProtectionRonseal Perfect FinishRustins Decking Cleaner 4L Everbuild Floor Paint Matt 5LDecking Stain Ultimate Protection Decking StainPAINTSFloor Paint is a low viscosity, heavy Protect your decking against harshduty alkyd resin based paint designed weather and footfall and keep itThe ultimate product for cleaningto provide a clean hard wearing finish looking good for twice as long asand reviving weathered gardento concrete, stone and wooden floors standard decking stain. AvailableProtect your decking against harshdecking. It is ideal for removing dirt,subject to light traffic including fork in 13 different colours and coversweather and footfall and keep itgrease and stains prior to treatmentlift trucks, scissor lifts etc. Ideal for 6.4m2 per litre, its rainproof in onlylooking good for twice as long aswith Rustins Decking Stain and Sealuse on garage floors, workshops, 90 minutes and stops your woodstandard decking stain. Availableor Rustins Decking Oil. Ready forstorerooms, walkways etc.from greying and splitting. in 13 different colours and coversuse - no need to dilute. High quality 6.4m2 per litre, its rainproof in onlydetergents remove stains, revive theCode Colour UnitCode Colour Unit 90 minutes and stops your woodcolour and give better cleaning. HasEVEFLOORGYNEW Grey Each2.5L from greying and splitting. other exterior uses ? fences/frames.EVEFLOORRDNEW Red EachRON36903 Pine Each Code Colour Unit Code UnitRON36904 Country Oak Each 2.5L RUSDECL4000 Each GALVANISING PAINTRON36905 Medium Oak Each RON36925 Pine EachRON36906 Dark Oak Each RON36926 Country Oak Each Rustins Decking Oil Action Can ZG90 Antirust RON36907 Teak Each RON36927 Medium Oak Each Zinc Galvanised Paint 500mlRON36908 Cedar Each RON36928 Dark Oak EachRON36909 Mahogany Each RON36929 Teak EachRON36910 White Ash Each RON36930 Cedar EachRON36911 Stone Grey Each RON36931 Mahogany EachRON36912 Charcoal Each RON36932 Charcoal EachRON36913 Slate EachRON37082 Mountain Green Each Ronseal Decking Rescue PaintRON37456 Walnut Each2L+25%RON38516 Charcoal Each Rustins Decking Oil is a hard-RON38517 Slate Each wearing, water resistant oil thatColour matched to newly galvanised retains the colour of the decking.metal.RON38518 Stone Grey Each It contains UV light inhibitors and RON38519 Country Oak Each biocides which protects the oil fromCode UnitRON38520 Medium Oak Each mould and algae growth. SolventACT1785 Eachbased to enhance the grain. Apply RON38521 Dark Oak Each two coats for durability and water RON38522 Cedar Each resistance. High quality resin enablesGalvafroidRON38523 Mahogany Each Make your deck look good as newsmooth application. Satin finish.5L with Decking Rescue Paint. It coversCode Unitgrey wood, fills small cracks and RON36914 Pine Each provides long-lasting colour andClearRON36915 Country Oak Each protection. RUSDOIL2500 2.5L EachRON36916 Medium Oak Each Code Colour Unit RUSDOIL5000 5L EachRON36917 Dark Oak Each 2.5L Natural CedarRON36918 Teak Each RON37448 Maple Each RUSDOCD2500 2.5L EachRON36919 Cedar Each RON37449 Chestnut Each RUSDOCD5000 5L EachRON36920 Mahogany Each RON37450 English Oak Each Natural OakRON37457 Walnut Each RON37451 Bramble Each RUSDOOA2500 2.5L EachRON37620 Charcoal Each RON37452 Deep Blue Each RUSDOOA5000 5L Each Code Size UnitRON37699 Slate Each RON37453 Willow Each Natural Pine EXP60671 400ml EachRON37454 Slate Each RUSDOPI2500 2.5L Each EXP60681 800ml EachRON37455 Charcoal Each RUSDOPI5000 5L Each EXP60702 1.9L EachRON37613 Warm Stone EachRON37614 White Wash Each5L HERE TO HELPOVER 20,000RON37615 English Oak Each Cannot find what you are PRODUCT LINESlooking for or perhaps just AVAILABLE TORON37616 Chestnut Each need some advice?BUY ONLINERON37617 Charcoal Eachwww.newtonhale.co.uk RON37618 Slate Each 0151 647 4255RON37619 Willow Each84 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'