b'IRONMONGERYBRACKETSIRONMONGERYBRACKETSHANDRAIL BRACKETS MENDING PLATES SHELF BRACKETSSecurit Handrail Bracket 63mm Securit Mending Plate ZincPerry 422 Heavy Duty StrongTwin Slot Book EndsPlated Beam BracketBRACKETSCode Desc. UnitMPSS2575 Brass EachMPSS2977 Chrome Each Code Size UnitMPSS3160 Aluminium Each MPSS6725 75mm Card Code Size UnitMPSS5153 Zinc Each MPSS6726 100mm Card PER422-0400GR 16 x 14 Each Twin track book ends in white steel.Securit Handrail BracketMPSS6727 150mm Card PER422-0450GR 18 x 16 Each Code Size Unit63mm Bulk Securit Shelf Bracket White NHLDFB150 150mm PairMPSB6725BULK 75mm Box 50 NHLDFB200 200mm PairMPSB6726BULK 100mm Box 50 NHLDFB250 250mm PairMPSB6727BULK 150mm Box 25Twin Slot BracketsSHELF BRACKETSSecurit S5148 63mm Handrail bracket white ERA 240 White Shelf BracketCode Desc. Unit Twin track brackets in white steel.MPSS5148 White Each Code Size UnitMPSB5148BULK White Loose Code Size (mm) Unit NHL11205 120mm EachMPSB7001BULK 100 x 75 Each NHL11207 170mm EachSingle Handrail Bracket WhiteMPSB7002BULK 125 x 100 Each67mm NHL11209 220mm EachMPSB7003BULK 150 x 125 Each NHL11211 270mm EachMPSB7004BULK 200 x 150 Each NHL11213 320mm EachMPSB7005BULK 225 x 175 Each NHL11215 370mm EachMPSB7006BULK 250 x 200 Each NHL11319 470mm EachMPSB7007BULK 300 x 250 EachCode Size Unit MPSB7008BULK 350 x 300 Each Twin Slot UprightsERA24043 4 x 3 EachERA24054 5 x 4 Each STR Mitre BracketERA24065 6 x 5 EachCode Unit ERA24086 8 x 6 EachHNH67325WH Each ERA24097 9 x 7 EachERA240108 10 x 8 EachMENDING PLATESERA2401210 12 x 10 EachFixman Mending Plates PackERA2401412 14 x 12 Eachof 10Fixman London Shelf Bracket Grey DisplayMitred Shelf Bracket White Steel. Twin track uprights in white steel.Code Size (mm) Unit Code Size UnitZinc-plated steel mending platesSTR7510W 250 x 250 Each NHL11116 430mm Eachwith offset fixing holes to preventSTR7512W 300 x 300 Each NHL11128 710mm Eachtimber splitting. Suitable forNHL11140 1000mm Eachreinforcing flat surface joints, fencing, or timber repairs. Interior orSTR Reinforced Bracket NHL11148 1200mm Eachexterior use. Requires screws. NHL11163 1600mm EachCode Size Unit NHL11178 1980mm EachSIL844905 80mm Each NHL11194 2400mm EachSIL673892 100mm EachSHRINKAGE PLATEPerry 325 Mending PlatesIdeal for supporting light to medium Zinc Plated weight shelving. Does not requirePerry 316A Horizontal Slot shelving rack. Enables shelves to bePlates Zinc Platedfitted in confined areas. Re-paintable to match decor. Support larger shelves and heavier loads with anWhite reinforced single shelf bracket increased number of brackets. providing light to medium support Code Size Unit Code Size (mm) Unit strength.PER325-0075ZP 75mm Each SIL393173 100 x 75 Box 20 Code Size (mm) UnitPER325-0100ZP 100mm Each SIL159392 250 x 200 Box 20 STRSB65 150 x 125 EachPER325-0125ZP 125mm Each SIL997522 300 x 250 Box 20 STRSB86 200 x 150 Each Code UnitPER325-0150ZP 150mm Each SIL290981 350 x 300 Box 20 STRSB108 250 x 200 Each PER316A0000ZP Each376 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'