b'HARDWAREDEKTONHARDWAREDekton DT70644 Heavy DutyDekton DT70676 6 ArmDekton Mounting Tape 5m Dekton PVC Insulation Tape Bungee Cord 48" x 10mm Spider Bungee Cord 40" x19mm x 20m Display of 608mmHARDWAREThickness: 1.5mm. Heavy duty double sided sticky foam tape. Use instead Ideal for securing luggage, for useof nails or screws to mount pictures. Ideal for securing luggage, for usearound home, garage, workshop,Long lasting and easy to use. Hold around home, garage, workshop,camping and general use. Heavyup to 1Kg. Heavy duty mounting tapeFlame retardant PVC insulation tape. camping and general use. HeavyDuty zinc plated steel hooks. 8mmis a strong double side sticky foamSelf adhesive tape. Water resistant. Duty zinc plated steel hooks. 10mmthick. tape. Use instead of nails, screwsUp to 600v protection. 0- 80 degree thick. and tacks. C working temp. 0.13mm thickness. Code Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit Counter display box of 60.DEKDT70644 Each DEKDT70676 Each DEKDT90805 19mm Pk 2 Code Colour UnitDekton DT85890 Pick & HookDEKDT90812 25mm Each DEKDT90856 Assorted EachDekton Heavy Duty BungeeSet 4pc DEKDT90857 Black EachCord Red Dekton DT90850 Furniture Pad Set 38pc Dekton DT90858 13m PVC Tape 3pc (Yellow/ Red/ White)Ideal for securing luggage, for useDurable chrome plated carbon around home, garage, workshop,Ideal for protecting floors from camping and general use. Heavysteel. Soft anti slip grips. Idealfurniture damage. Self adhesive Duty zinc plated steel hooks. 12mmfor seperating wires. Perfect forand easy to apply. An assortment of thick. removing fuses. different size and shaped felt pads. Circular pads : 7 x 4cm, 16 x 2.5cm,0.12mm thickness for extra strength. Code Length Unit Code Unit 10 x 2cm. Rectangular pads : 4 x 15 x15mm x 13m. Non-flame retardant. DEKDT70650 600mm Each DEKDT85890 Each 1.5, 1 x 15 x 11cm. Assorted colours. Self fusing adhesive tape. Water resistant.DEKDT70651 900mm Each Dekton DT90665 Non SlipCode UnitDEKDT70652 1.2m Each Mat Black DEKDT90850 Each Code UnitDEKDT70653 1.8m Each DEKDT90858 EachDekton DT90855 Furniture Dekton DT70675 AssortedPads 125pc Dekton DT90859 13m PVC Bungee Cord Set 3pc Tape (Black)Durable multi-purpose non-slip mat.Ideal for laminate and lino flooring, Grips onto a variety of surfaces.washing machines, chair and table Ideal for securing luggage, for useRestricts movements of items.legs. Hi-fi speakers, door handles, around home, garage, workshop,Cushions and protects againstwalls and many other applications.0.12mm thickness for extra strength. camping and general use. Heavyscratching. Can easily be cut toAn assortment of different size and15mm x 13m. Non-flame retardant. Duty zinc plated steel hooks. Set ofrequired size. Many uses around theshaped felt pads. Self adhesive andBlack colour. Self fusing adhesive 3. 12mm thick. home. 30cm X 125mm. easy to apply. tape. Water resistant.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT70675 Each DEKDT90665 Each DEKDT90855 Each DEKDT90859 Each24 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'