b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSDRILL BITS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESLIP & SPUR DRILLS MASONRY DRILL BITSSilverline (708580) Lip &Silverline 464911 Lip & SpurHilka Masonry Drill Bit SetMakita Masonry Drill BitSpur Drill Bit Set 15 Pce 3 -Drill Bit 4-16mm 7pc 8pc10mmCode Size UnitMAKP-19685 4 x 75mm EachMAKP-19700 5 x 85mm EachMAKP-19716 5.5 x 95mm EachMAKP-19722 6 x 100mm EachLip and spur wood bit set for use in allHigh quality masonry drills in plasticMAKP-19738 6.5 x 100mm Eachwoodapplications. Includes 4, 5, 6, 8,carrying and display box made toMAKP-19744 7 x 100mm EachDRILL BITS10, 13 and 16mm. Specifically chosenDIN standards sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, sizes for use with Silverline Plug9, 10mm. MAKP-19750 8 x 120mm EachRoll-forged and edge-ground highCutter Set 4pce, product code 151219. MAKP-26113 5 x 150mm Eachcarbon steel lip and spur drill bitsCode Unit Code Unit MAKP-26129 5.5 x 150mm Eachfor wood, composites and plastics,HIL49800008 Eachsupplied in a handy, soft-grip storageSIL464911 Each MAKP-26135 6 x 150mm Eachcase. Compatible with all 13mm 3-jawHeller Masonry Drill Bit MAKP-67131 6.5 x 150mm Eachchucks.Includes 3 x 3, 2 x 3.5, 2 x 4, 1Silverline Lip & Spur Drill Bits MAKP-26141 7 x 150mm Eachx 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8 and 10mm bits. MAKP-26157 8 x 150mm EachCode Unit MAKP-26179 10 x 150mm EachSIL708580 Each MAKP-19788 11 x 150mm EachMAKP-19794 12 x 150mm EachMAKP-19803 13 x 150mm EachMAKP-30178 14 x 150mm EachMAKP-30190 16 x 150mm EachPrecision ground, high carbonMAKP-23846 7 x 400mm Eachsteel drill bits with single centre point and twin outer cutting spurs.MAKP-23852 8 x 400mm EachCentring point enables drill bit to beThe Heller ProStone drills well,MAKP-23868 9 x 400mm Eachpositioned exactly on a pre-markedquickly, and reliably in stone and is spot before drilling commences. Forespecially suitable for use in cordlessMAKP-23874 10 x 400mm Eachtimbers and man-made woods. drills. The 4-flute spiral removesMAKP-23880 12 x 400mm Eachthe drilling dust quickly. The stableMAKP-23896 13 x 400mm EachCode Size Unit carbide tip ensures a long service WE HAVESIL612120 3mm Pk 10 Quality drill bits for stone. OptimisedMAKP-23911 16 x 400mm Eachlife. The ProStone has a CYL shank. EVERYTHING YOUSIL257690 4mm Pk 10 for masonry. Ideal for use in cordlessMasonry Impact DrillNEED AT LOWSIL637440 5mm Pk 10 drills. Quick dust removal thanks to 4-fluted helix. Long service life TRADE PRICES SIL425714 6mm Pk 10 thanks to stable carbide tip. Suitable SIL721675 8mm Pk 10 for: Brickwork, Brick, Aerated and Pourous Concrete, Natural Stonem MASONRY DRILL BITS Sand Lime Brick.Code Size Unit Chrome/Nickel plated for increased Bosch Masonry Drill Hilka 49706003 SDS LongdurabilityDrill Bits Set 3pc HEL180177 4 x 75mm EachPercussion carbide tipHEL246088 4 x 150mm Each Reduced shank to 12.7mm from size HEL180184 5 x 85mm Each 16mm diameter upwards Large range of sizes to suit most HEL180191 5 x 150mm Eachfixing requirementsHEL192798 5.5 x 95mm EachF or use with percussion drills into Fits all SDS plus drills for use onHEL192811 5.5 x 150mm Each masonry, concrete and stoneCode Size Unit concrete masonry and blocks. TungstenHEL180207 6 x 100mm EachBOS1609200207 6mm Each carbide tips sizes 12, 16, 24mm. Code Size UnitHEL180214 6 x 150mm Each FORFMMAS585 5 x 85mm EachBOS1609200213 12mm Each Code Size Unit HEL180221 6.5 x 100mm EachHIL49706003 600mm Each FORFMMAS55100 5.5 x 100mm EachHilka 49700005 SDSHEL180245 7 x 100mm Each FORFMMAS6100 6 x 100mm EachMasonry Drills 5pc Hilka 49800005 MasonryHEL192828 7 x 150mm Each FORFMMAS65100 6 x 100mm EachDrill Bits Set 5pc HEL180252 8 x 120mm Each FORFMMAS7100 7 x 100mm EachHEL180269 8 x 200mm Each FORFMMAS8120 8 x 120mm EachHEL180275 10 x 120mm Each FORFMMAS5150 5 x 150mm EachHEL180283 10 x 200mm Each FORFMMAS55150 5.5 x 150mm EachHEL180290 12 x 150mm Each FORFMMAS6150 6 x 150mm EachHEL180306 12 x 220mm Each FORFMMAS65150 6.5 x 150mm EachHEL180320 14 x150mm Each FORFMMAS7150 7 x 150mm EachHigh quality drill bits sizes: 5, 6 xHigh quality masonry drills in plasticHEL246224 14 x 400mm Each100mm and 6, 8, 10 x 150mm incarrying and display box made to DINFORFMMAS8150 8 x 150mm Eachplastic display case. standards sizes 4,5,6,8 and 10mm. HEL180337 16 x150mm Each FORFMMAS10150 10 x 150mm EachCode Unit Code Unit HEL180344 18 x 160mm Each FORFMMAS12150 12 x 150mm EachHIL49700005 Each HIL49800005 Each HEL180351 20 x 160mm Each FORFMMAS14150 14 x 150mm EachHEL246309 20 x 400mm Each FORFMMAS16150 16 x 150mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 465'