b'HAND TOOLSHANDLINGHAND TOOLSHANDLINGCARGO LASHESHilka 84100015 Ratchet TieSilverline (566269) EndlessSilverline (217585) CamSilverline (481938) Ratchet Downs 1x15ft Ratchet Tie Down Strap 2Buckle Tie Down Strap S-HookTie Down Strap S-Hook 4m x Pack 5m x 25mm 2m x 25mm 4 Pack 25mm 4 PackHANDLINGDurable weather-resistant straps 15ft x 1 ratchet tie down with doublewith steel S-hooks and release catch. vinyl coated steel. S hooks whichTough, durable, and weatherproofConforms to BS EN12195.provide a secure hold withoutpolyester webbing with heavy duty scratching. Trouble free push buttonsteel ratchet. Secures small andCode Size Unitquick release. medium loads. Suitable for securingDurable weather-resistant strapsSIL481938 900kg EachCode Size Unit loads with complex geometrieswith S-hooks and release catch. during transportation. Length 5m.Conforms to BS EN12195. Silverline (648419) Rubber-HIL84100015 25mm Each Conforms to BSEN12195-2:2000. Handled Ratchet Tie Down Strap Code Unit Code Weight Unit S-Hook 4m x 25mm 4 PackHilka 84101825 Cam BuckleSIL217585 250kg EachStraps 2pc SIL566269 EachSilverline (911664) CarSilverline 238937 Tie Down Transporter Tie-Down SetStrap Protectors Pack-4Alloy & Steel Wheels 16pceDurable weather-resistant straps with steel S-hooks, rubber-coated 2 piece 1.8m x 25mm cam buckleratchet handle and release catch. straps, breaking strength 360kg,Conforms to BS EN12195.safe working capacity 180kg.Foam cushion pad with plasticCode Size UnitWeather resistant nylon webbing. backing and snap-down flaps toSIL648419 250kg EachCode Unit All-in-one set for DIY andattach to straps. Fits straps up to HIL84101825 Each contractors. Includes 4 x 3m ratchetwidth 50mm. Length 63mm. WidthSilverline Cargo Lash Rubber tie-downs, 4 x 320mm soft alloy17mm. Handled 750kgHilka 84135025 Ratchet Tiewheel and 4 x 320mm steel wheelCode UnitDowns 4pc choker straps supplied in a toughSIL238937 Eachzipped nylon storage bag. Conforms to BSEN12195-2:2000.Silverline 443721 Clip Buckle Code Unit Strap Set 2m x 25mm Pack-2SIL911664 EachDurable weather-resistant straps with Silverline (922260) Tie-Downsteel hooks, rubber-coated ratchet Securing Loop 450mm Ratedhandle. Conforms to BS EN12195.1000kg Capacity 2000kgCode Size UnitSIL781358 4.4m EachAdjusts from 1.2m to 4.5m, breakingJ-Hookstrength 450kg, safe working capacity 225kg. Weather resistantSIL978413 4.5m Eachnylon webbing, steel ratchet with quick release mechanism. Silverline Cargo LashTough, durable yet soft 35mmTough polyethylene straps with Code Unit polyester webbing. Preventsplastic clip buckles. For securing HIL84135025 Each scratches to painted or chrome- light loads on roof racks.plated surfaces.Silverline (494564) CarCode UnitTransporter Tie-Down Set AlloyCode Unit SIL443721 EachWheel 3pce Rated 2000kg SIL922260 EachSilverline (449682) CamHeavy duty, weather resistant Silverline (135487) Rubber- Buckle Tie Down Strap 2.5m xnylon webbing. Quick release, high Handled Ratchet Tie Down25mm 2 Pack tension handle. Double J-hook ends. Strap J-Hook 4.5m x 38mm Conforms to BS EN12195.Code Size Unit3m x 25mmSIL493651 1 Ton Each4m x 30mmDurable polyester webbing andSIL350060 1.5 Ton Eachheavy duty double-locking steel6m x 38mmratchet. Set for 1 wheel includes 3mDurable weather-resistant strapsSIL785253 2 Ton Eachratchet tie down and 320mm softwith steel J-hooks, rubber-coatedTough, polypropylene straps with alloy wheel choker strap. Conformsratchet handle and release catch.metal cam buckle for securing lightSIL786547 3 Ton Eachto BSEN12195-2:2000. Conforms to BS EN12195. loads on roof racks. 8m x 50mmCode Unit Code Unit Code Unit SIL958720 4 Ton EachSIL494564 Each SIL135487 Each SIL449682 Each SILMS21 5 Ton Each246 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'