b'GARDENING & OUTDOORCROW BARS & DIGGING BARSCROW BARS & DIGGING BARS GARDENING & OUTDOORSilverline (657641) BentSilverline (859881) Chisel &Silverline 868680 RootSilverline PC68 Chisel & Point Chisel Digging Bar Point Bar Digger 1030mm Bar 1500mm x 28mmForged, hardened, tempered,Forged, hardened, tempered, ground and polished steel diggingForged, hardened, tempered,ground and polished steel digging bar with hexagonal-profile shank.ground and polished steel chiselHeavy-duty root cutter withbar with hexagonal profile shank. Ideal for general demolition work. and point bar with hexagonal-profilehardwood handle. Cuts throughIdeal for general demolition work. 50mm chisel at one end and squareshank. Ideal for general demolitionroots with ease. Compact 75mm53mm chisel at one end and square point at the other. Chisel end forwork. 50mm flat chisel end forcutting edge provides access inpoint at the other. Chisel end for cutting roots, digging and prying.cutting roots, digging and prying.restricted areas. Wide dia handlecutting roots, digging and prying. Square point end for breaking hardSquare point end for breaking hardwith rounded end for grip andSquare point end for breaking hard CROW BARS & DIGGING BARS, CULTIVATORS, DIBBERS, DRAIN & GUTTER GUARD & EDGING IRONSmaterials and prying. materials and prying. comfort. materials and prying.Code Size Unit Code Size Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL657641 1500 x 27mm Each SIL859881 1200 x 27mm Each SIL868680 Each SILPC68 EachCULTIVATORS DIBBERS DRAIN & GUTTER GUARDSilverline 229673 HandHilka Stainless Steel HandSilverline 225710 GutterSilverline 225800 Downpipe Cultivator 160mm Dibber Guard 5m x 160mm Filter Guard Pack-2Code UnitSIL229673 Each Hand dibber with a hardwood handle. Mirror polished stainless Silverline 230858 3-Prongsteel head for increased strength,Code Unit Code Unitdurability, rust resistance and Hand Cultivator 365mm minimal soil adhesion. Suitable forSIL225710 Each SIL225800 Eachcreating holes for seeds or plants.EDGING IRONSCode UnitHIL92088070 Each Kingfisher CS520 LawnBulldog Edging Knife Wood T Edging Iron 36 HandleCode Unit Silverline 556503 Traditional Garden Dibber 270mmSIL230858 EachSilverline 231329 Cultivator 950mmPremier Solid Forged Treaded Edging Knife 32 Handle T.Code UnitClassically designed carbon steel36in (91cm) lawn edging tool withBUL5680083210 Eachdibber for making holes for plantingcarbon steel blade. Complete with seeds and bulbs. Contoured woodenfull colour label.handle with ferrule for addedCarter Turf Cutting Iron No.80Corrosion-resistant cultivator withstrength and comfort. Code Unitpowder-coated steel head. PlasticBONCS520 Eachhandle. Code UnitCode Unit SIL556503 Each Bulldog Evergreen Edging SIL231329 Each Knife with T-Handle Code UnitDRAIN & GUTTERCARTURIRO EachSilverline 235053 Premium 3GUARDProng Cultivator Ash HandleSilverline (777113) Carbon 1370mm Drain Tidy Steel Turfing Iron 1000mmHardened and tempered epoxy-coated carbon steel head andHardened and tempered epoxy-coated weatherproofed premium ashAn edging knife with a half mooncarbon steel head and weatherproofed wood handle. For cultivating, soilblade made from best quality carbonpremium ash T-handle. For cutting preparation and earthing up. Taperedsteel. The blade is fitted to anand paring off turf. Double rivet handle riveted to socket for strength.aluminium handle to make it lightconnection to socket for strength. Blade length x width: 100 x 100mm. weight to use. Blade length x width: 240 x 200mm.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL235053 Each HNHDRAIN Each BUL7110773210 Each SIL777113 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 161'