b'HAND TOOLSSQUARESSQUARES HAND TOOLSSilverline (748872) SteelSilverline 734110 Heavy DutySilverline Engineers Square Stanley 1-45-530 Metal Frame Square 300 x 200mm Aluminium Roofing RafterRoofing SquareSquare 185mmSQUARESEngineers square with durable hardened steel blade. Precision ground for maximum accuracy. Steel square with buffed finish and Heavy gauge steel square with metricCode Size Unit protective lacquer coating for rust and imperial graduations. Ideal forresistancerafters, doors, window framing, stairSIL868644 3 (75mm) Eachlayouts and many other applications.Reverse reading scale and crisply SIL675146 4 (100mm) Eachembossed graduations for easy Code Unit Strong cast aluminium body withSIL82116 6 (150mm) Each readingSIL748872 Each clear, embossed imperial graduationsSIL282476 8 (200mm) Each Face graduated every 2mm, reverse and common rafter conversionSIL427608 10 (250mm) Each of blade every 1/8 for detailed Silverline 282651 Tri & Mitretable. Protractor scale 0-90. Use asSIL245025 12 (300mm) Each workSquare with Spirit Levelsaw guide for angle measurements 150mm and cuts. Weight 125g. OverallSIL456975 18 (450mm) Each Code Unitdimensions: 185 x 185 x 260mm. STA145530 EachCode Unit Silverline SL31 Combination Square 300mm Stanley 2-46-028 Combi SIL734110 EachSquare 12 Die CastSilverline 991857 Combination Square Set Cast aluminium stock with matt300mmfinish, built-in spirit level, stainless steel blade marked with imperial and metric graduations on both sides.Accurate level with 300mm hardened Incorporates 45 angle for mitres. steel blade, clear metric and imperial graduations. Knurled adjustment Code Unit screw. Die-cast aluminium stock, SIL282651 Each accurately milled face and built-in spirit level with scriber. Can be used as a try and mitre Silverline 633459 SuperCode Unit square, depth or height gauge and spirit levelAngle Guide 550mm Multipurpose square for use as triSILSL31 EachPrecision die cast body with 3square, marking and depth gauge,precision machined faces for mitre square and straight edge.Silverline SL35 Steel FramingaccuracyStainless steel, 300mm bladeSquare 600 x 400mmMetric / imperial graduationsmarked in metric and imperial graduations. Cast aluminium stock High visibility reading etched andprotractor and centre head. coated blade - rust resistant High quality brass nut and scriber Code UnitHeavy gauge steel with black,fittings for long lifepowder-coated finish. Provides fast,SIL991857 Eachaccurate line marking and guide forCode Size Unitsawing. Metric graduations printed inSilverline Folding FrameSTA246028 12 Eachwhite for easy reading. Measures upSquare Heavy gauge steel carpenters to 550mm and adjusts 0-70 in bothframing square marked with metricStanley 2-46-222 Combi directions with a tolerance of +/-2. and imperial graduations andSquare 12Code Unit details of rafter cuts, roof pitches and braces. For rafters, doors and SIL633459 Each window framing, stair layouts and many other applications. Supplied Silverline 734100 Aluminiumwith full Essex tables.Alloy Roofing Square 185mm Code UnitSILSL35 EachStanley 1-45-013 Aluminium Folding Square 300mm / 12 metric imperial for ease of use Lightweight and durable metalPositive locking mechanismbody with 3 machined faces for ensures accurate 90 and 45accuracyangles. Lightweight high grade Easy to read, long lasting engraved aluminium construction with metricbladeand imperial markings creates Measuring 1200mm x1200mm x Cast aluminium with raised360 vial for all round visibilitygraduations. For use as a framing/ a rigid frame for accuracy and1720mm - 48 x 48 x 68tri/mitre square, saw guide anddurability. Supplied in a protective Solid, light aluminium square idealScriber fitting for accuracy & protractor for fast, accurate layoutcarry bag. for checking and chalking in shellconvenienceand cutting of angles on rafters, F or tiling, patio construction andconstruction, tiling and assembly of Can be used as a try and mitre bracing and trim. Weight 134g. Overallgeneral layout. partitions square, depth or height gauge and dimensions: 185 x 182 x 258mm. Code Size UnitE asy to fold and store with hang hold spirit levelCode Unit SIL732000 600mm Each Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL734100 Each SIL732100 1200mm Each STA145013 Each STA246222 12 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 319'