b'HAND TOOLSDRIVINGDRIVING ELECTRICIANS TOOLS HAND TOOLST-HANDLE CABLE ACCESS KITS CRIMPING TOOLSDickie Dyer (655369)Silverline 633531 CableHilka Ratchet Crimping Tool Silverline 868592 T-Handled Hex Ball Driver 4 xAccess Kit 10 x 1m 13pc Telecoms Crimping Tool 100mm - 18.101 8P8C/6P6C/4P4CDRIVING & ELECTRICIANS TOOLSSet of glass-reinforced polyester rods for gaining access to wire and cables under floorboards, in ceiling ducts, trunking and wall cavities. Includes hook end, ring end and flexi extender.Heavy duty ratchet crimping plier Hardened S2 steel blade, chrome- Code Unit for insulated terminal with heavyUse to crimp 8P8C, 6P6C and 4P4C plated long hex ball end andSIL633531 Kit plastic handles. Hardened steel jawstelecom plugs. Tool features wire short, flat hex end. Ergonomicand precision action guaranteescutter and wire stripper. Overall polypropylene soft-grip T-handle andprofessional crimping. Suitable forlength 195mm.magnetic tip. Hex ball end for faster,Silverline 633570 Cablered, blue and yellow terminals.Access Tool Kit 330mm 13pc Code Uniteasier insertion and angled driving. Shorter hex end for driving withCode Unit SIL868592 Eachhigher torque. HIL28600209 EachSilverline PL52 Crimping & Code Size Unit Silverline 457054 CrimpingStripping Pliers 230mmSIL702409 3 x 100mm Each Tool Set 271pcSIL655369 4 x 100mm EachGlass reinforced polyester rod set Dickie Dyer (671491) T-Pumpfor gaining access to wires and Head Removal Key Set 2pce 4cables under floorboards, in ceilingSteel with hardened, tempered x 185mm / 5 x 185mm - 18.10 ducts, trunking and wall cavities.crimping and cutting edges. For Includes hook end, ring end and flexiinsulated terminals. Easy-grip extender. Smaller size fits in tool boxcushioned handles.for convenience.Code Unit Code UnitSIL633570 Each SILPL52 EachCRIMPING TOOLS Silverline PL55 Ratchet Includes 200 assorted terminals, 20Crimping Tool 215mmFixman (808429) Crimpinsulated tubes, 50 cable ties and Hardened S2 steel blade, chrome- Terminals Pack 82pce crimping pliers (also strips wire).plated long hex ball end andCode Unitshort, flat hex end. Ergonomic polypropylene soft-grip T-handle.SIL457054 EachHex ball end for faster, easier insertion and angled driving. ShorterSilverline 633594 TelecomsHeavy duty ratchet crimping pliers hex end for driving with higherCrimping Tool 8P8C/6P6C for insulated terminals. Preset torque. Dedicated set for servicingtension for accurate crimping. heating pumps & boilers. Includes 4Hardened steel jaws. Capacity 0.5-x 185mm and 5 x 185mm. 1mm2, 1.5-2.5mm2 and 2.6-6mm2.Code Unit Code UnitSIL671491 Each Ring, fork, male and female pre- SILPL55 Eachinsulated crimp terminals. High-grade vinyl insulated coating. Colour ELECTRICIANS TOOLS coded: Red 0.4-1mm; Blue 1.1-2.5mm;Use to crimp 8P8C and 6P6CELECTRICAL TESTERSYellow 2.6-6.5mm. Handy storagetelecom plugs. Tool features wire case with compartments. cutter, wire stripper and locking pin. CK VDE Mains TesterCABLE ACCESS KITSCode Unit Code UnitSilverline Fish Tape SIL808429 Each SIL633594 EachHilka 28600308 Heavy DutySilverline 633615 Expert Crimping Tool 8 Ratchet Crimping Tool 230mm Code Size UnitCEK440008 Short EachCEK440009 Long EachEclipse 3200R Mains Tester Screwdriver 70mmExpert quality with hardened and tempered steel jaws. Force amplifying ratchet mechanism For pulling cable through conduit,Fully heat treated cutting andfor reduced hand fatigue. Ideal F or detecting the presence of under floors and inside cavities.crimping edges.Suitable for red,bluefor repeated crimping. Allelectric voltageFlexible spring steel with eyed end.and yellow terminals Strips 0.75, 1.00,steel construction for long life. 1.5, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 wire. Crops M 2.6, 3,Comfortable vinyl grip handles. Chrome vanadium steel bars for Side handle with brake.3.5, 4 threads Cushion grip handlesSuitable for red, blue and yellowstrength and rust protectionCode Length Unit for use with insulated terminals. terminals. Overall length 230mm. 220-250 volts: 50HzSIL868726 15m Each Code Size Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL675211 30m Each HIL28600308 8 (200mm) Each SIL633615 Each NEI3200R EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 233'