b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESMIXING PADDLESPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESMIXING PADDLES MORTAR RAKINGPOWER TOOL BLADESDISCSSilverline Mixing Paddle ZincBRUSH CUTTER BLADES BAND SAW BLADESPlated Hilka 51300004 Mortar Raking Disc 115mm Silverline 282623 Brush CutterSilverline Bandsaw Blade Blade 8 Tooth 25.4mm bore 1425mmFor use with electric drills. To mix paint, plaster, cement slurries and textured coatings. Hex shank.Premium quality CS80 carbon spring Requires 10mm or larger chuck. MaxHigh quality long lasting 6mm thicksteel. For cutting non-ferrous metals, speed 700rpm. disc for removing mortar withoutHigh carbon steel. Suitable forplastics and wood. Size: 1425 x 6.35 MIXING PADDLES, MORTAR RAKING DISCS & POWER TOOL BLADES damaging bricks. Display packed. cutting weeds and light brush. Fitsx 0.35mm.Code Size Unit most petrol brush cutters.SIL868687 60 x 430mm Each Code Unit Code Size UnitHIL51300004 Each Code Unit SIL633924 6 tpi EachSIL675185 80 x 430mm Each SIL282623 EachSIL282512 100 x 580mm Each SIL868739 10tpi EachSilverline Tungsten Carbide Mortar Raker Silverline 427721 Brush CutterSIL675295 14tpi EachSilverline 675199 MixingBlade 4 Tooth 25.4mm BorePaddle Zinc CIRCULAR SAW BLADESHilka TCT Saw Blades Pack-3For removing mortar between brickwork and stonework prior to re-pointing. Fits angle grinders with M14 threads. Use with suitable guide plate.Code Size UnitZinc-plated for mixing paint, cementSIL660430 8mm Each High carbon steel. Suitable for slurries and textured coatings. ForSIL665443 10mm Each cutting grass and weeds. Fits most use with most powered mixers. M14petrol brush cutters.thread. Plated 600 x 100mm. SIL335445 12mm EachCode Unit Fully hardened and tempered for Code Unit Silverline 656592 ConcreteSIL427721 Each trade use. Suitable for hardwood, SIL675199 140mm Each Grinding Diamond Disc Doublesoftwood and chipboard. 16/24/30 Row 100 x 22.2mm Silverline 633965 Brush Cutterteeth. Coarse medium and fine cut. Silverline 868535 Heavy DutyBlade 3 Tooth 25.4mm Bore 20mm bore. 16, 12.75mm reduction Mixing Paddle 140 x 600mm rings.Code Size UnitHIL51150003 150mm PackHIL51160003 160mm PackHIL51184003 184mm PackHIL51190330 190mm PackHIL51205003 205mm PackHigh quality diamond abrasive disc. Double row. For grinding concrete,HIL51235003 235mm Packmasonry and stone. Fits all 115mmHigh carbon steel. Suitable forHIL51250002 250mm PackFor use with electric drills withgrinders. general brush cutting. Fits most 10mm or larger chuck. To mixpetrol brush cutters. HIL51300002 300mm Packplaster, cement slurries and texturedCode Unitcoatings, including artex, adhesiveSIL656592 Each Code Unit Silverline (289305) HSS Saw screed, mortar, paste, paint. MaxSIL633965 Each Disc Set 6pce 22253235 speed 500rpm. & 44mmSilverline 807350 Mortar Code Unit Raking Diamond Blade 115 xSilverline 675319 Brush SIL868535 Each 22.2mm Cutter Blade 40 Tooth 25.4mm BoreSilverline DA43 Mixing Paddle 100 x 600mmHigh speed steel. For intricate cutting and trimming on aluminium, brass, copper, wood and plastic. Designed for the removal of mortarHigh carbon steel. Suitable forMax 20,000rpm / 3.17mm mandrel. For use with electric drills. To mixfrom joints without damagingcutting wood, brush and shrubs. FitsIncludes 5 x HSS saw discs: 22, paint, plaster, cement slurries andmasonry. Average life 200 squaremost petrol brush cutters. 25, 32, 35 and 44mm. Compatible textured coatings. Requires 10mm ormetres of brickwork. Pack contains 2Code Unit with most rotary tools including larger chuck. Max. 600rpm. discs, 6mm thick. Silverline, GMC and Dremel.SIL675319 EachCode Unit Code Unit Code UnitSILDA43 Each SIL807350 Pk 2 SIL289305 Each478 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'