b'HAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSHAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSCOMBINATION PLIERS DIAGONAL CUTTING PLIERSSilverline 250381 CombinationEclipse Diagonal Cutting Plier Irwin 10505494 Heavy DutyStanley 0-84-054 Diagonal Mini Pliers 120mm Diagonal Cutting Pliers 7 NippersPLIERS & SNIPSHardened and tempered carbonFor cutting medium to hard wire. steel jaws, for accurate and delicateTapering head shape to access Multi grip jaws - groove directionconfined spaces. Induction hardened work. 2-tone soft-grip handles withcutting edges. Design of cutter faceCable cutter - Up to1,6 mm cablesreturn springs for repetitive tasks. allows wire to be cut close to surface.Induction hardened cutting face - to Code Unit Rounded jaw ends provide strength instay longer sharper Bi-material handles for comfort and area where majority of cutting takesChromium nickel steel - forgrip even with oily hands. Forged SIL250381 Each place. Ergonomic soft feel handles improved durability on the grippingcarbon steel jaws and handle for and cutting face long life.Silverline Combination Pliers Code Size UnitMoulded 2 component handle -Code Size Unit NEIPW7736/11 160mm Each comfortable, pull-resistant handlesNEIPW7737/11 175mm Each STA084054 6 EachCode Size UnitHilka 26100500Mini SideNEW10505494 7 (180mm) Each Stanley 0-89-859 Fatmax Cutter Plier Soft Grip Diagonal Cut PliersHardened and tempered jaws withSilverline 250367 Side induction-hardened cutting edges.Cutting Mini Pliers 115mmMoulded plastic handles with slip guards.Code Size UnitSIL868648 160mm EachSILPL02 200mm EachSilverline Expert CombinationBi-material handle with secure Pliers High quality drop forged carbongrip grooving. Heat treated high steel with soft grip handles. Hardened and tempered carbonchrome steel forging for long life and Code Unit steel jaws, for accurate and delicatedurability.work. 2-tone soft-grip handles with HIL26100500 Each return springs for repetitive tasks. Code Size UnitHilka Soft Grip Side CutterCode Unit STA089859 190mm EachHeavy duty chrome vanadium steel.Pliers 6 SIL250367 EachHardened and tempered. 2-tone soft- Stanley 0-89-861 Fatmax grip handles with slip guards. Silverline Expert Side CuttingAngled Diagonal PliersPliersCode Size UnitSIL571497 7 (180mm) EachSIL589671 8 (200mm) EachSilverline VDE Expert Combination Pliers High quality carbon steel with soft grip handles excellent for continuousHeavy duty chrome vanadium working. Fully heat treated. steel. Hardened and tempered with Code Unit induction-hardened cutting edges.Bi-material handle with secure 2-tone soft-grip handles with slipgrip grooving. Heat treated high HIL26100106 Each guards. chrome steel forging for long life and durability.High-quality drop-forged chromeHilka 26500006 Diag CuttingCode Size Unitvanadium. 2-tone soft-grip handlesCode Size Unitwith slip guards. Individually tested toPliers 6 SIL394977 6 (150mm) Each10,000V. VDE certified to DIN EN60900. SIL719778 7 (180mm) Each STA089861 8 EachCode Size Unit Silverline Side Cutting Pliers Stanley 0-89-874 Fatmax SIL868646 7 (180mm) Each Cable CutterStanley Fatmax Combi PliersHigh quality pliers finished in micro (nickel chrome) plating for corrosion protection. The 2 Component comfortHardened and tempered jaws with Bi-material handle with secure gripgrips are excellent for continuousinduction-hardened cutting edges. grooving. Heat treated high chromeworking. Induction hardened cuttingMoulded plastic handles with slipBi-material handle with secure grip. steel forging for long life and durability. edges give continuous performance.guards. Heat treated high chrome steel Code Size Unit Open blister card packaging. Code Size Unit forging for long life and durability.STA089867 7 Each Code Size Unit SIL675150 160mm Each Code Size UnitSTA089868 8 Each HIL26500006 6 (150mm) Each SILPL05 180mm Each STA089874 215mm Each262 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'