b'PLUMBINGBATHROOMPLUMBINGBATHROOMBASIN FITTINGS TOILET FITTINGSMake PRO031 Basin FixingMake Stainless Steel BathMake PRO034 Close CouplingMake Flexible WC Pan Kit M8 Waste & Overflow Kit 1 1/2 Flat Plate ConnectorACCESSORIES & BATHROOMThis high quality close coupling kit is suitable for effectively connecting toilet cistern to WC. Includes a 1 A high quality basin fixing kit for wall1/2inch recessed plate, bolts, washer, mounted use. Easy to fit with a metaldome washer and wing nuts for thread. Quick to install and ideal forA high quality bath waste & overfloweasy and quick install. Long lastingThis high quality pan connector bathroom maintenance. suitable for the removal of bathdurable use. with a flexible bend is an easy fit Code Unit water. Essential plumbing product.Code Unit plumbing product for those hard to MAKPRO031 Each Available in stainless steel for longMAKPRO034 Each reach spaces. Suitable for 110mm lasting durability. pipe with an adjustable fit, this pan Make PRO098 Slotted BasinCode Size Unit Make PRO068 Compressionconnector is available in white.Waste 1 1/4 Thread MAKPRO100 1 1/2 Each Waste Nuts 40mm Code Size UnitMAKPRO101 1 1/4 Each MAKPRO015 200-350mm EachMAKPRO016 240-500mm EachMake PRO103 Pop-up Basin Waste 1 1/4 Make PRO017 Flexible WC Pan Connector With 90 Bend 300-600mmHigh quality waste compression nuts suitable for use with universal 40mm fittings and available in white.A high quality 32mm basin waste with slots. Allowing overflowCode Unitwater to run into the main wasteA universal spring touch 32mm basinMAKPRO068 Each& eliminating the need for extrawaste. Suitable for the removal of plumbing. Available in chrome for anwater. Available in stainless steel forMake PRO013 Close Coupling aesthetically pleasing finish. long lasting durability. Kit 1 1/2Code Unit Code UnitMAKPRO098 Each MAKPRO103 EachMake PRO099 Stainless SteelTOILET FITTINGSBasin Waste Slotted 1 1/4 This high quality pan connector with 90 flexible bend is an easy fit Make PRO030 Dome Washerplumbing product for those hard to 42/82mm x 18mm reach spaces. Suitable for standard installations with an adjustable 300-This high quality close coupling kit.600mm fit, this pan connector is Effectively connecting toilet cisternavailable in white.to WC. Includes a 1 1/2inch recessed plate, bolts, washer, dome washerCode Unitand wing nuts. For easy and quickMAKPRO017 EachEasy fit high quality dome washersinstall. Long lasting durable use.ideal for the replacement of wornCode Unit Make PRO018 Straight WC A high quality 32mm basin wastewashers and suitable for durable use.MAKPRO013 Each Pan Connector 110mmSlots - allowing overflow water toThis dome washer is an essential run into the main waste eliminatingplumbing product with a circular fit the need for extra plumbing.of 42/82mm x 18mm and availableMake PRO014 WC Pan Available in stainless steel for longin black, ideal for quick bathroomConnector With Access Hole & lasting durability. maintenance. 90 Bend 110mmCode Unit Code UnitMAKPRO099 Each MAKPRO030 EachA high quality durable pan connector for quick and easy connection onto theA high quality durable pan connector back of a WC provides a simple sealfor quick easy connection onto the solution when installing. Also includesback of a WC providing a simple seal 1 1/4 access hole. For use with 110mmsolution. For use with 110mm pipe pipe and available in white. and available in white.A COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF PREPACKED Code Unit Code UnitPLUMBING PRODUCTS MAKPRO014 Each MAKPRO018 Each38 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'