b'POWER TOOLSJET WASHERSPOWER TOOLSJET WASHERS MULTI TOOLSSilverline (943676) 2100WHilka Multi Function Tool SetSilverline (430787) DIY MultiTriton (862711) Flexible HCS Pressure Washer 165barMax 27pc Tool 300W Scraper Blade 50mmJET WASHERS, MULTI TOOLS & NAILERSUniversal open-backed design for removing paint, sealant and adhesive. Compatible with tool-free, Versatile, corded oscillating tool withquick-change and standard multi-6-stage variable speed adjustmenttool machines. Also compatible with and vibration-reducing soft-gripTriton, GMC and Silverline Oscillating handle. Ideal for a variety of tasksMulti-Tools, and with most leading Ideal for a variety of jobs in a wideincluding cutting, sanding andbrands.range of materials. Universal designgrinding. Includes blade, hex key, ensure fitment with Hilka and manyscraper, hook and loop backing padCode Unitother brands of multi tool. Hookand 2 x sanding sheets. SIL862711 Eachand loop fastening. Contents: 3 sawCode Unitblades 32.5 x 32.5 x 93mm, 35 x 35 Air-cooled induction motor offersx 93mm, 20 x 32.5 x 93mm. SemiSIL430787 Each NAILERSreliability and energy efficiencycircular saw blade 80mm. Carbine whilst the auto stop/start featuretipped semi circular saw blade automatically activates andTriton (581793) 300WSilverline 269131 Air Nailer deactivates the high-pressure65mm. Stainless steel scraper 52Keyless Multi-Tool TMUTL Stapler 32mm 18 Gaugex 72mm. Sanding plate 79 x 79 x cleaner every time the trigger is79mm. 20 sanding discs 5 each 60, operated. Lance features pressure,80, 120, 180 grit.variable spray pattern and detergent dispensing adjustment. FeaturesCode Unitintegral lance holder with nozzleHIL50910027 Eachrest, and power cord hook. 5m high-pressure hose on reel and 5m power cord. Telescopic rear handle andHilka Multi Tool 220Wwheels for manoeuvrability. IncludesVersatile and powerful 300W hooks and holder kit, cleaning pin,oscillating multi tool that cuts, lance with nozzle and extension, andsands, scrapes, grinds, rasps and water inlet hose connector. polishes. Delivers high-performance Code Unit sawing without a rotating blade. Compact, precision motor with SIL943676 Each superior performance. Side- Lightweight aluminium body with mounted, removable auxiliarysoft-grip rubber handle. Ideal MULTI TOOLS handle and ergonomic rubber-over- for upholstery, trim work, crafts, moulded grips reduce vibrationpanelling, cabinet assembly etc. Powerful, multi function tool usedand fatigue. Long 2m powerSafety trigger prevents accidental Dewalt DCS355N Multi-Toolfor cutting, sanding, grinding andcable extends reach for optimalfiring. Drives 18 gauge brad nails and 18V XR Body Only more. Complete with cutting blade,manoeuvrability. Quick-change,Type 90 and A type staples 10-32mm scraper, triangular sanding pad, dustkeyless accessory mounting. Duallong. Working pressure 60-100psi. connector and 2 x sanding sheets.sided LED worklights. RemovableIncludes 6mm (1/4) male quick Suitable for professional application.dust collar for connection to dustconnector.Input power: 220w. Oscillationextraction system. Variable speed speed: 21,000 per minute. Oscillation11,000 - 21,000 oscillations perCode Unitangle 3 degrees. minute. Includes dust extractionSIL269131 Eachcollar, auxiliary handle, 25 x sanding Code Unit sheets, 2 x scraper blades, 3 x sawSilverline 282400 Air HILPTCMT220W Each blades, 1 x rasp sanding pad, 1 x carbide blade, 1 x hook and loopFraming Nailer 50-90mmsanding pad, accessory holder and Hilka Multi Tool Set 23pccarry bag.UniversalCode UnitSIL581793 Each DEWALT Brushless Motor deliversup to 57% more run time overTriton (625437) Rigid HCS brushed motors Scraper Blade 30mmUniversal Accessory Adaptor for use with most oscillating tool accessory brands QUICK-CHANGE Accessory Systemallows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without the usePowerful nailer that fires 50-of tools 90mm 34 paper collated, clippedBright LED light illuminates dark Universal open-backed designhead nails. Accepts nail shank work surfaces for accurate cuttingfor removing paint, sealant anddia from 2.87-3.33mm. Magazine 29 pc Accessory Set to supportadhesive. Compatible with tool-free,capacity 2 x 40pce. Cut-out feature a range of cutting and sandingUniversal set ideal for sawing,quick-change and standard multi- prevents empty firing. Lightweight applications cutting, scraping and sanding in atool machines. Also compatible withmagnesium housing. AdjustableDUAL-GRIP Variable Speed Triggerwide range of materials. UniversalTriton, GMC and Silverline Oscillatingpenetration depth. For roof framing,provides the ultimate speed anddesign ensures fitment with HilkaMulti-Tools, and with most leadingfencing, decking and flooring. No-application control and many other brands of multi tool. brands. mark tip protects work surface.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitDEWDCS355N Each HIL50910023 Each SIL625437 Each SIL282400 Each520 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'