b'DECORATINGSURFACE PREPARATIONSURFACE PREPARATION DECORATINGEverbuild Paper Glass WipeEverbuild Sugar Soap PowderEverbuild Wonder Wipe SprayRustins Sanding Sealer 500mlRoll 150m 430g 1LSURFACE PREPARATION & TURPS & SPIRITSPaper Glass Wipe Rolls are made of extra strong, soft 2-ply paper for effective glass industrial and home cleaning. Code UnitCode Unit RUSSANS500 EachEVEPAPCENTRE Each A silicate free powder which whenIdeal solution for cleaning large diluted with water effectivelysurface areas. The liquid in thisTURPS & SPIRITSremoves grease and grime fromWonder Wipes Spray bottle is exactly Everbuild PVCu Cream Cleanerpainted surfaces to improvethe same as that which our Multi- Bartoline Clear Lamp Oil 1L1L adhesion, also the ideal householdUse Wonder Wipes are soaked in, cleaner. so you can be assured of the same renowned cleaning power you get Code Unit from the Nations No.1 Builders Wipe.EVESOAPPOW EachCode UnitEverbuild Sugar Soap TriggerEVEWIPESPRAY EachSpray 500mlLiberon FCS1L Stone Floor Cleaner 1LPVCu Cream Cleaner is a solvent-free formulation designed to removeBartoline Lamp Oil sales continue ingrained dirt, stains and pollutionto increase due to rising interest in from PVCu window frames withouttraditional and modern lamps.scratching. Buffs to a deep sheen.Code UnitCode Unit BAR15146666 EachEVEPVCC1 EachBartoline Clean SpiritEverbuild PVCu Solvent Cleaner 1LA concentrated solution which when diluted with water effectively removes grease, grime and nicotineIdeal for removing built-up layers from painted surfaces to ensureof dirt and grease from interior improved adhesion. Also ideal as aterracotta and stone floors. Easy general household cleaner. to use, and water-based, it is also suitable for removing existing Code Unit finishes, such as Stone Floor Shine, EVESOAPSPRAY Each from previously sealed and unsealed PVCu Solvent Cleaner is a solventterracotta and natural stone flooring. Clean Spirit is a revolutionary water based product formulated to removeEverbuild Heavy Duty WonderCode Unit based alternative to white spirit, ingrained dirt from PVCu and mostturpentine substitute and brush plastics. Also suitable to restore anWipes LIBFCS1L Each cleaner. Due to the minimal solvent as new look to old windows andcontent, clean spirit is safer for the plastic garden furniture. Liberon SS500 Sanding Sealeruser and to the environment. The Code Unit 500ml mix of high tech components are all readily biodegradable.EVEPVCS1 EachCode Size UnitEverbuild Sugar Soap LiquidBAR19950100 750ml Each500ml BAR19955020 2L EachMethylated Spirits 500mlTextured wipes which are specially formulated for the building, engineering and allied trades toSpirit Sanding Sealer quickly clean ingrained dirt from hands,prepares the surface of bare or A concentrated solution whichtools and surfaces. Will easilystripped wood and MDF used for when diluted with water effectivelyremove wet and semi-cured paints,furniture and decorative items prior removes grease, grime and nicotinesealants, adhesives, bitumen,to wax finishing. It seals the surface from painted surfaces to ensurepolyurethanes, expanding foams,so that less wax is needed and itsTraditionally used for camping improved adhesion. Also ideal as apolyester fillers, epoxies, oil, grease,special lubricants ease sanding. It isstoves, fondues, glass cleaning and general household cleaner. petrol and inks. ideal for use on turned woodwork. other general household duties.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitEVESOAPLIQ Each EVEWIPEHD75 Tub 75 LIBSS500 Each BIRMETH500 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 105'