b'HAND TOOLSSOLDERING TOOLSHAND TOOLSSOLDERING TOOLSDickie Dyer (405674) FluxHilka 91400040 SolderingSilverline (410060) SolderingSilverline 265829 Soldering Brushes 3pk Wooden HandleIron 40W 240V Paste 20g 20g Iron Station 48W- 11.054SOLDERING TOOLSBlack-bristled brushes. Specially- Connects surface-mounted shaped for applying flux, sealantcomponents to copper traces on or glue on to joints and threads.Handy soldering irons with pointedcircuit boards. Lead-free, dry-Durable aluminium ferrules. Smooth,straight tips. Display packed injoint soldering for easy-to-use sanded 200mm handles. Brushsliding blister packaging. professional finish. Avoids dry joints width: 12mm. through oxidization. Leaves no Code Voltage Unit residue. Soldering station with digital Code Unit temperature display. Ceramic HIL91400040 240V Each Code Unit heating element ensures accurate SIL405674 Each temperature level and rapid heat-up Hilka Solder Wire 17g SIL410060 Each time. Includes soldering iron with Dickie Dyer (641533) Solderdetachable DIN plug and one point Safe 260 x 195mm - 16.005 Silverline (701153) Solder RollJ828, 3/64 tip.250gCode Wattage UnitSIL265829 48W EachSilverline (463429) USB Soldering Iron 8WIdeal for making joins in electronic circuitry. Packaged in handy Clean, high-performance economydispenser tube. 60% tin / 40% lead solder mat. Lightweight and flexible.alloy with flux coating to preventMulti-core solder wire (60% Ideal for all soldering applications.surface oxidisation. Suitable fortin, 40% lead). Suitable for fast Size 260 x 195mm. electronic and electrical applications. soldering on copper or brass Code Unit surfaces and solder-coated Code Unit materials. Ideal for use on micro SIL641533 Each HIL91400017 Each electronics, fine wires and mostConnects to USB ports on most PCs, other electrical and electronicMacs and 5V charging plugs. Fine Dickie Dyer (898008) FluxMonument 2350x Soldering &soldering operations. Externalsoldering tip heats up in less than 15 Brazing Pad 12x12 diameter 1mm. Weight 250g. seconds and cools down in less than Brushes 3pk Black HandleCode Unit 30 seconds. Long-life tip can be easily SIL701153 Each replaced by unscrewing the tip holder. Metal point touch button and LED power indicator. Suitable for intricate Silverline Solder electronic work and on-the-go repairs in the home or office. Small and compact for easy portability. Includes Black-bristled brushes. Specially- long-life tip, safety cap, soldering shaped for applying flux, sealantstand, USB cable and solder.or glue on to joints and threads. Durable aluminium ferrules. Smooth,Code Unitsanded 200mm handles. BrushResists temperatures up to 600C.SIL463429 Eachwidth: 12mm. Made from woven glass fabric (Professional quality). Size. 12in x Code Unit 12in. (300 x 300mm). Silverline 220772 Soldering SIL898008 Each Code Size Unit Iron 8W Battery Powered 3AAMON2350X 300x300mm EachDickie Dyer (983411) Flux Brushes 25pk Wooden HandleMonument 2363L OmatFlux-covered electrical solder 60:40 - 11.055 Soldering Mat 6 x 6 tin/lead. For electrical and electronic work.Code Size UnitSILAS16 20g EachSILAS15 100g Each Battery power provides 1 hour of continuous use. Fine soldering tip Silverline 633609 Metalheats up in less than 15 seconds Solder Sucker 185mm and cools down in less than 60 seconds. Slider switch prevents accidental activation when not in use. Iron-plated long-life tip can be easily replaced by unscrewing Patented variable cut out mats forthe tip holder. Suitable for intricate Black-bristled brushes, especiallysoldering pipes. Reduces the risk ofelectronic work and on-the-go shaped for applying flux or gluefire. Protects walls, cables, carpets andrepairs. Temperature range: 400-on to joints and threads. Durableother flammable materials. The uniqueMetal-bodied solder sucker for42C. Small and compact for easy aluminium ferrules. Smooth, sandedshape with overlap gives a tight andremoval of excess solder. Overallportability. Includes safety cap and 200mm handles. Brush width: 12mm. secure fit. Pipe Size 15 to 22mm. length 185mm. solder. Requires 3 x AA batteriesCode Unit Code Size Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL983411 Each MON2363L 6 Each SIL633609 Each SIL220772 Each316 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'