b'DECORATINGSANDINGSANDING DECORATINGSANDING DISCS SANDING SHEETSSilverline Hook & Loop DiscsSilverline Hook & Loop MeshSilverline (446818) Self- Hilka 68901510 Assorted Punched Pack of 10 Discs Pack of 10 Adhesive Sanding DiscsSandpaper50mm Pack of 60SANDINGAluminium oxide discs with 8 xContain 4 medium and fine and 2 punched holes for dust extraction.coarse sheets. Display packed.Suitable for general purposeCode Grit Unitsanding. Compatible with random orbit sanders. Silicon carbide-coated mesh forHIL68901510 Assorted Pk 10Code Grit Unit reduced clogging and improved dustAluminium oxide abrasive discs for extraction. Washable for re-use.sanding wood, paint, varnish, plastic,Marshalltown M918 Sand 115mm Provides up to 4 times the life ofplaster and metals. Self-adhesiveScreen 120 Grit Pack of 5SIL990864 Assorted Pk 10 standard sandpaper. Compatible withhook and loop backing for quick 125mm all 115mmdiameter hook and loopfitment. Compatible with all 50mm backing pads. hook and loop backing pads. Includes SIL822649 40 Pk.10 20 x 60, 80 and 120 Grit.SIL647920 60 Pk.10 Code Grit UnitSIL633955 80 Pk.10 115mm Code Grit UnitSIL382903 120 Pk.10 SIL401906 80 Pk.10 SIL446818 Assorted Pk.60SIL206505 240 Pk.10 SIL579566 120 Pk.10 Silverline Self AdhesiveCan be used wet or dry. Will outlast SIL479349 Assorted Pk.10 125mm Sanding Discs 150mm regular sandpaper. 150mm SIL832976 Assorted Each Will fit all Marshalltown sanders and SIL196571 60 Pk.10 150mm similar sanders.Packed in bags of 5 sheetsSIL783148 80 Pk.10 SIL754826 Assorted Pk.10SIL793804 120 Pk.10 225mm Code UnitSIL882789 Assorted Pk.10 SIL855132 40 Pk.10 MARM918 Pk.5225mm SIL678383 80 Pk.10 Rodo Sandpaper SheetsSIL274762 60 Pk 10 SIL839875 120 Pk.10SIL272756 80 Pk 10 SIL323921 180 Pk.10SIL273151 120 Pk 10 SIL783379 Assorted Pk.10Triton Hook & Loop Mesh Sanding Disc Pack of 10 Aluminium oxide. Self adhesive abrasive discs.Code Grit UnitSIL918544 60 Pk 10SIL583264 80 Pk 10 Flint /glass abrasive paper. 230mm x SIL277865 120 Pk 10 280mm sheets, suitable for general SIL787856 Assorted Pk 10 purpose hand sanding and paint preparation.Silverline Fibre Discs 115 xCode Type Unit22.2mm RODFFJASP10A Assorted Pk 10RODFFJASP10F Fine Pk 10RODFFJASP10M Medium Pk 10High quality aluminium oxideRODFFJASP10C Coarse Pk 10abrasive mesh. Heavy duty 120gsm hook and loop backing for strongSilverline Aluminium Oxide connection and high performance. Open mesh for high removal rateHand Sheets 230 x 280mmand superior dust extraction. Suitable for orbital and random orbit sanders.Code Grit Unit125mmSIL954799 80 Pk.10 Aluminium oxide. For use with SIL388109 100 Pk.10 rubber backing discs. Cross slot OVER 20,000fitting.PRODUCT LINESSIL639342 240 Pk.10150mm Code Grit Unit Open coat regular weight paper. For AVAILABLE TOcabinet and joinery work.BUY ONLINESIL370215 80 Pk.10 SIL993050 24 Pk 10 Code Grit UnitSIL489403 100 Pk.10 SIL918542 36 Pk 10www.newtonhale.co.uk SIL696982 Assorted Pk 10SIL424894 240 Pk.10 SIL583260 60 Pk 10Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 101'