b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESADHESIVE TAPESADHESIVE TAPES SEALANTS & ADHESIVESHAZARD TAPE INSULATION TAPE MASKING TAPEEverbuild PVC Hazard TapeSylglas Anti Slip Hazard TapeFixman Insulation Tape 19mmEverbuild General Purpose 50mm x 33m Yellow & Black 50mm x 3m x 33m Masking Tape 50mCode Unit Electrical insulation tape in a range of fade-resistant colours. Rubber A strong and durable self adhesiveSYLHAZARDTAPE Each glue on PVC carrier with goodGeneral Purpose Trade Quality ADHESIVE TAPESPVC Hazard tape for all hazardelasticity and elongation propertiesMasking Tape for conventional paint marking, ideal for marking floors,Ultra Hazard Tape Black &allowing conformity to irregularmasking, can be left on for up to walls and overhead. AbrasionYellow surfaces. Provides moisture-tight3 days without leaving a residue. resistant, damp tolerant, can be usedelectrical and mechanical protectionIndividually film wrapped and internally and externally. with minimum bulk. Flame retardantlabelled rolls with seperate barcode to BS3924. 130mic peel adhesion =per size.Code Colour Unit 2.0N/25mm.EVE2HAZRD Red/White Each Code Size UnitCode Colour Unit EVE2MASKVAL19 19mm EachEVE2HAZYW Black/Yellow EachSIL187539 Blue Each EVE2MASKVAL25 25mm EachFixman (535350) Barrier TapeSIL187738 Brown Each EVE2MASKVAL38 38mm Each70mm x 500m Yellow/Black SIL188154 Green Each EVE2MASKVAL50 50mm EachCode Size Unit SIL188969 Grey Each EVE2MASKVAL75 75mm EachULTYELBLACK500M 500m Each SIL189062 Yellow EachSelf Adhesive SIL189311 White Each Everbuild Low Tack Masking ULTYELBLACKADH 50mm Each SIL191784 Red Each Tape 25mm x 25mSIL192069 Black EachUltra Hazard Tape Red & White SIL192227 Green/Yellow EachBarrier safety tape that can be usedFixman Insulation Tape 50mm to mark out hazards as necessary. x 33mCode UnitSIL535350 EachFixman 194216 Barrier TapeThe professionals choice for Red & White 70mm x 500m 70mm x 100m application to more delicate surfaces and wallpaper, where conventional Code Size Unit masking tapes could damage the ULTREDWHITE100M 100m Each surface. Can be left on for up to 14 days. Ideal for use on woodstains, ULTREDWHITE500M 500m Each Electrical insulation tape in a rangevarnishes and enamels where Self-Adhesive of fade-resistant colours. Rubbercoating does not usually key well to ULTREDWHITEADH 50mm Each glue on PVC carrier with goodsubstrate.elasticity and elongation propertiesCode Unitallowing conformity to irregular INSULATION TAPE surfaces. Provides moisture-tightEVE2LOWMASK25 EachBarrier safety tape that can be usedelectrical and mechanical protection to mark out hazards as necessary. Everbuild Electrical Insulationwith minimum bulk. Flame retardantEverbuild Pro Blue Masking Tape to BS3924. 130mic peel adhesion =TapeCode Unit 2.0N/25mm.SIL194216 Each Code Colour UnitSIL192031 Yellow EachFixman Hazard Tape 50mmSIL192221 Black Eachx 33mSIL192401 White EachUltra Insulation Tape Pack-10Everbuild Pro Blue is a professional Flame retardant, easy to unwindlong stay masking tape that can PVC electrical insulation tapebe left on for up to 14 days without for providing insulation to mostleaving a residue or damaging the electrical wires. Manufactured to:surface. Increasingly popular with PVC carrier and rubber adhesive,BSEN 60454 Type 2 & IEC454-2.professional decorators, Pro Blue resistant to most common solvents.Black 19mm x 33m. prevents seepage when using highly Vivid colours and easy to apply.solvent or thinner coatings such Abrasion, moisture and wear- Code Colour Unit as wood stains and many metal resistant. Adheres to a wide varietyEVE2ELECBN Brown Each paints. High temperature resistance. of substrates. EVE2ELECRED Red Each Available in two sizes.Code Colour Unit EVE2ELECWE White Each Code Colour Unit Code Size UnitSIL188781 Red & White Each EVE2ELECYELGRN Yellow/Green Each ULTINSBLACK102 Black Pk 10 EVE2PRO25 25mm x 33m EachSIL190195 Black Each EVE2ELECYW Yellow Each ULTINSASS1025 Assorted Pk 10 EVE2PRO50 50mm x 30m EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 537'