b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESMIXING BUCKETSCLEANING & HOUSEWARESMIXING BUCKETS MIXING TUBS MOPS PEST CONTROLMortar Mixing Spot 1m Flexi Tub Yarn Mop Grey Plastic Socket ANT & INSECT CONTROLRentokil BB01 Bed Bug Killer Traps Pack-2Code UnitHNHMORTAR Each Discreet plastic trap containing a glue Code Size Unit Code Size Unit board to monitor and identify bedbugs MIXING BUCKETS, MIXING TUBS, MOPS & PEST CONTROL in the home. Place under the mattress White Plasterers Bucket 30L 15L HNH12PY Size 12 Each or around bedroom. Contains two HNH15BLACK Black Each HNH14PY Size 14 Each traps and four glue boards.HNH15BLUE Blue Each HNH16PY Size 16 Each Code Qty. UnitHNH15GREEN Green Each Galvanised Oval Mop Bucket RENBB01 2 pack EachHNH15ORANGE Orange EachHNH15PINK Pink Each Rentokil FA135 Ant Killer Gel BaitHNH15RED Red EachHNH15YELLOW Yellow Each26LHNH26BLACK Black EachHNH26BLUE Blue EachCode Unit HNH26GREEN Green EachHNHPLASTER Each HNH26ORANGE Orange EachHNH26PINK Pink Each Bait stations contain a specifically Plasterers Bath Plastic WhiteHNH26RED Red Each Oval domestic mop bucketformulated gel to destroy both ants 165L galvanised, approx 3 gallon capacity. and their nests. Ants carry this HNH26YELLOW Yellow Each insecticidal gel deep into the nest 42L Code Unit to destroy it from within. Contains HNH42BLACK Black Each HNHGALVMOP Each d-phenothrin.HNH42BLUE Blue Each Plastic Mop Bucket Code UnitHNH42GREEN Green Each RENFA135 EachHNH42ORANGE Orange Each Rentokil FI65 Insect Killer Foggers Natural colour HNH42PINK Pink EachThick skin quality HNH42RED Red EachCapacity: 165 Litres HNH42YELLOW Yellow Each 1230 mm L x 620 mm W x 340 mm 75LD (48" L x 24" W x 13" D)4.5 Kg Weight HNH75BLACK Black Each Code Unit HNH75YELLOW Yellow EachSTDBM197 Each MOPS Code Colour UnitMIXING TUBS Hilka 84980603 TelescopicHNHMOPBLA Black EachWindow Mop & Squeegee 3.5m HNHMOPRED Red Each Kills flies, fleas, moths and other Gorilla Tub Yellow HNHMOPSIL Silver Each flying and crawling insects. Easy to use, suitable for two rooms.Silverline 509117 Yarn MopCode UnitHead 8oz RENFI65 EachRentokil FIG01 Insect Glue Band TrapsA flexible and weather resistant tub that is built to last. You can use this tub for everything! The golf patterned handles make this easy to carry around. Made from food-gradeEasy to use clean and dry. Suitable material, it is suitable for storing andfor washing and cleaning windowsTraditional, heavy-duty cotton mopControls winter moths, ants, earwigs food preparation. and other surfaces. 3 sectionwith galvanised bracket for maxand other climbing insects. Easy telescopic pole with 180 adjustable23/24mm dia handles. Compatibleto use glue bands with wire ties. Code Size Unit head. Squeegee adjuster with 180with Silverline Broom HandlesSuitable for organic gardening. For GORSP14Y 14L Each adjustment removable soft cleaning999088. Fixing positions in bracketuse on fruit and ornamental trees. GORSP26Y 26L Each pad can be machine washed. for small screws or nails. Contains 1.75 metres.GORSP42Y 42L Each Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitGORSP75Y 75L Each HIL84980603 Each SIL509117 8oz Each RENFIG01 Each58 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'