b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESPOWDERS & CEMENTSSEALANTS & ADHESIVESPOWDERS & CEMENTS PROFESSIONAL SILICONEGeo-Fix Paving CompoundEverbuild Jetcem Rapid SetEverbuild Kos Fire Cement Buff20kg Cement Everbuild 145 Butyl Rubber Sealant C3KOS Fire Cement is a ready mixed blend of thermos setting resins and inorganic fillers that curesEverflex 145 Butyl Sealant is a A unique ready to use self curingwhen exposed to heat, resultingtraditional permanently plastic POWDERS & CEMENTS & PROFESSIONAL SILICONE jointing material for all types ofin a mortar which is resistant toone component sealant based paving having joints of 5mm andtemperatures up to 1250C. Can beon polybutene that provides an over. A quick and easy way ofJetcem - The leading Rapid Setused for domestic and commercialeffective weatherproof seal in a applying a permanent rigid joint withCement brand is now manufacturedapplications on fire bricks, firevariety of exterior and interior no special machinery or equipmentexclusively by Everbuild. Jetcemgrates, flue pipes, flue bricks, boilersapplications. 145 Butyl Sealant required. Suitable for natural stone,Rapid Setting Cement is a cementand other applications subjectforms a skin in 24 hrs but remains concrete, slate, clay, terracotta andbased product which is easy to useto extreme heat. Offers excellentpermanently plastic underneath. granite and can be used in areasand sets in approximately 30min.adhesion to fire bricks, blockwork,The sealant accommodates joint subject to light vehicular traffic. Ideal for rapid patching or when astone and clay ware. Asbestos free. movement of +/- 5%, is over fast repair job is needed. Sets in thepaintable and exhibits good UV and Code Colour Unit cold and wet. Code Size Unit chemical resistance.GEOFIX20BF Buff Each Code Size Unit EVEPCKOSFIRE05 500g Each Code UnitGEOFIX20NGRY Grey Each EVEJETCEM3 3kg Each EVEPCKOSFIRE1 1kg Each EVE145GY EachEverbuild Jetcem Premix SandEVEJETCEM6 6kg Each Everbuild Kos Flue Cement C3& Cement Everbuild 450 Builders Everbuild Jetcem WaterproofSilicone C3Rapid Set Cement 3kg450 Builders Silicone is a premium quality low modulus non-corrosive neutral cure silicone sealant that Jetcem Premix Sand & Cement is aKos Flue Cement is a highadheres to virtually all substrates, premixed sand/cement based producttemperature (to 1250C) ready mixedboth porous and non-porous. which is easy to use and sets infireproof mortar paste , designed forTypically used for construction approximately 30 minutes. Ideal forthe safe installation/jointing of Typeexpansion joints and perimeter rapid patching or when a fast repairJetcem Waterproofing Rapid SettingA1 (BSEN1857) concrete flue linerspointing of all types of door and job is needed. Sets in the cold and wet. Cement is a cement based mix,(previously known as class 1) for usewindow frames. Conforms to ISO formulated specifically for waterwith domestic fires and stoves e.g.11600 class: F 25LM.Code Size Unit resistance and is designed to setcoal, wood burning or gas (includingCode Colour Unithard in about 30 minutes. flame effect). Kos Flue Cement may EVEJETMIX2 2kg Each EVE450WE White EachEVEJETMIX6 6kg Each Code Unit also be used as a general purpose fire cement in most applicationsEVE450BF Buff EachEVEJETWAT3 Each where direct flame contact occurs. EVE450BK Black EachEverbuild Jetcem Quick Set Patching Plaster 6kg Everbuild Kos Black FireCode Unit EVE450BN Brown EachCement EVEPCKOSFLUE3 Each EVE450GY Grey EachEVE450TR Clear EachFence Post Cement 20kg Rapid Set Everbuild 700T LMN Silicone C3Jetcem Quick Setting Patching PlasterSilicone 700T is a fast, neutral is a high strength plaster in powdercure, low modulus sealant specially form which easily mixes with water toformulated for the PVCu and roofline form a creamy lump free paste thatKos Black Fire Cement CartridgeA quick, easy and ready to use outindustry. For perimeter pointing is the ideal choice for most patchingcontains the same formula as Kosof the bag pre-blended Rapid Setwindow and door frames, sealing repairs. The product dries hard in 1Black Fire Cement but in a handyFence Post Concrete suitable forplastic roofline areas and general hour to a smooth finish which can besealant gun applied cartridge. all types of fence and gate postweathersealing. Now contains a further sanded if desired. With addedincluding wood, metal and concrete.powerful anti-fungal compound.PVA powder, this product will notCode Size Unit No mixing required, just add water. shrink or crack and is strong enoughEVEPCKOSBKFIRE05 500g Each Rapid setting product - sets within 5Code Colour Unitto accept nails or screws. EVEPCKOSBKFIRE1 1kg Each to 10 minutes. EVE700TWE White EachCode Unit EVEPCKOSBKFIRE2 2kg Each Code Unit EVE700TBN Brown EachEVEJETPATCH6 Each EVEPCKOSBKFIREC3 C3 Each HNHPOSTMIX Each EVE700TTR Clear Each550 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'