b'DECORATINGDEKTONDECORATING SAFETYDekton DT95845 MultiDekton Paint Mixer Dekton DT95892 PlasticDekton Snug Fit PU Coated Purpose Block Brush 4" Putty Knife Set 3pc Gloves GreyDECORATING & SAFETYSnug fit working gloves. Ultra grip material for added safety. PU coated. Ideal for DIY, tradesmen and where Ideal for professional use, DIY andextra protection is required.car body filling. Made from durable plastic. Sizes: 1.5" / 38mm, 3" /Code Size Unit100mm x 40mm. Tough bristlesFits all electrical drills. Hex shaped76mm, 6" / 152mm. DEKDT70724 M Eachsuitable for wood and masonry.shaft for use with power tools. Fast mixing speeds of 200-700RPMCode Unit DEKDT70728 L EachExtra thick to hold more liquid.depending on viscosity of materialDEKDT95892 Each DEKDT70730 XL EachPerfect for staining or sealing, decks,being mixed. Used for mixing paints, fences, siding and masonry. adhesives, grouting, mortar, cementDekton DT95899 9\'\'Dekton Insulated Winter Code Unit and most adhesives. Large andWallpaper Brush Gloves Size Black/GreenDEKDT95845 Each robust to cope with larger jobs. Specially designed angled blade for Dekton DT95855 5PC Prooptimum mixing. Lightweight.Paint Brush Set Sure GripCode Description UnitHandle DEKDT95860 25L EachDEKDT95862 5L EachDekton DT95865 24\'\' PaintNatural bristle brush for smoothingHeavy duty insulated winter gloves. Shield out all types of wall coverings.Latex coated. Ultra grip material for Removes creases and air bubblesadded safety. Ideal for use in winter, from hung wallpaper. Ideal forcold storage rooms and where extra use in corners and difficult areas.protection is needed.Ergonomic comfort handle grip.Code Size UnitCode Unit DEKDT70754 L EachDEKDT95899 Each DEKDT70756 XL EachSAFETY Dekton Comfort Grip Gloves Size Black/Hi-Vis GreenSet contains: 1 x 1" (25mm), 1 xDekton Heavy Duty Working 1/2"(37mm), 2 x 2"(50mm), 1 xGloves Black/Red1/2"(37mm) angle head. Ideal forIdeal for the smoothing down of all water based gloss & emulsion paints.types of vinyl wallcoverings. Keeps Sure grip handles. paint off carpets, ceilings, walls, Code Unit frames, windows etc. Super-long DEKDT95855 Each stainless steel bladeacts as a trim guide. Provides straight cuttingLatex foam working gloves. Anti edges. Heavy duty working gloves. Latexslip latex coating for added safety. Dekton DT95858 Mini RollerFlexible and strong protection, ideal Set 11pc Code Unit coated. Ultra grip material for addedfor use in the workshop and DIY.safety. Ideal for DIY, tradesmen and DEKDT95865 Each where extra protection is required. Code Size UnitDekton DT95890 CaulkingCode Size Unit DEKDT70762 M EachTool Kit 4pc DEKDT70705 M Each DEKDT70764 L EachDEKDT70710 L Each DEKDT70766 XL EachDEKDT70715 XL EachDekton Ultra Grip Nitrile Dekton Latex Coated GlovesCoated Gloves Black/RedSize Orange/CreamIdeal for emulsion paints on walls and ceilings. Medium pile wovenLatex coated working gloves. UltraNitrile coated working gloves. Ultra fabric sleeves. Ideal for solventgrip material for added safety. Idealgrip material for added safety. Ideal based gloss paints on smoothfor DIY, tradesmen and where extrafor DIY, tradesmen and where extra surfaces. High density foam sleeves.A complete kit for removing oldprotection is required. protection is required.Includes: Roller frame with handle,caulk, grout & sealants. Gives a 5 x 100mm medium pile rollers & 5xperfect finish with newly appliedCode Size Unit Code Size Unit100mm gloss rollers. materials. DEKDT70717C M Each DEKDT70770 M EachCode Unit Code Unit DEKDT70718C L Each DEKDT70772 L EachDEKDT95858 Each DEKDT95890 Each DEKDT70719C XL Each DEKDT70774 XL Each28 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'