b'SEALANTS & ADHESIVESTILE GROUTTILE GROUT WOOD ADHESIVES SEALANTS & ADHESIVESBartoline Fix & Grout White Everbuild Forever White GroutEverbuild 730 UniversalBartoline Fast Drying Wood Reviver 200ml Flexible Grout 5kg GlueBartoline Fix and Grout is a highForever White Grout Reviver is the quality water resistant tile adhesiveeasy way to restore discoloured and ideal for use when applying ceramicdirty grout to a bright white finish. tiles in areas of high humidity suchSimply apply to grout lines using as kitchens and bathrooms. May alsothe easy to use applicator, allow to be used as a ready to apply grout,dry and remove any excess residue negating the need for a seperate tilewith a damp cloth. Depending upon TILE GROUT, WEATHER MATE SILICONE & WOOD ADHESIVESgrout product. Also ideal for fixing size of tile, will cover approx 20mCementitious grout designed loose and broken tiles to wood andsquared of tiles. Contains mouldspecifically for wall and floor tile most other surfaces subject to smallshield for long lasting protectionapplications for joints up to 15mm wide.Bartoline Fast Drying Wood Glue is movement. against discolouration caused byThe added powder polymer in 730a high performance, water resistant Code Size Unit bacteria, mildew and mould growth. Universal Grout provides flexibility andadhesive that provides a speedy water resistance to provide a durableeffective bond, dries clear, exhibits BAR52850120 330g Each Code Unit water repellent finish. Suitable forexcellent resistance to creep and BAR52850150 500g Each EVEFWREVIVE Each most common tiles including ceramic,can be used in all areas of high BAR52850130 1kg Each natural stone and porcelain. 730humidity, or where short term Everbuild 704 Powder WallUniversal Grout contains SteriTouchwater contact occurs, such as kitchens and bathrooms.Bartoline Wall Tile Grout White Tile Grout White for long lasting Anti-Fungal protection Suitable for all type of wood against black mould.including MDF and Chipboard.Code Colour UnitMeets the requirements ofEVEUNIFLEX5ANTH Anthracite Each Category 3 EN 205 and BSA 4071.EVEUNIFLEX5GY Grey Each Code Size UnitEVEUNIFLEX5IV Ivory Each BAR58500550 125ml EachEVEUNIFLEX5SAND Sandstone Each BAR58500560 250ml EachEVEUNIFLEX5WE White Each BAR58500570 500ml EachSilverline 633884 Grout BagEverbuild 502 Wood Adhesive300 x 600mmFully waterproof tile grout that isPowder Wall Tile Grout is a cement suitable for use on all ceramic wallbased powdered grouting compound tiles and mosaics, it may be used inwith added PVA to promote areas where water is present suchadhesion. Simply mix with water to as bathrooms, kitchens and showers.give a pure white paste. Suitable Easy to mix, fast setting and dries tofor use in kitchens, bathrooms andPoly-lined grout bag with moulded superwhite. May be used internallyshower areas. May be used internallyjointing tip. Tip size can be modified or externally. and externally. by cutting to the required size, Code Size Unit ideal for all grouting and pointing Code Size Unit applications.EVEGROUT1 1kg Each All Purpose Weatherproof Wood BAR52853220 500g Each EVEGROUT3 3kg Each Code Unit Adhesive is a high quality, resin BAR52853230 2kg Each SIL633884 Each based wood adhesive for all wood Everbuild Forever Whitebonding. It can be used internally Everbuild 703 Fix & Grout TilePowder Wall Tile Grout 1.2kg and externally and provides a high Adhesive White WEATHER MATEstrength, impact resistant bond SILICONE that is usually stronger than the wood itself. Ideal for all general Everbuild Weather Matewoodworking and joinery uses, Sealant C3 furniture assembly and household DIY use. Dries clear. Fast cure, initial set in just 10 minutes. Conforms to the international standard EN 204 (D3) and BS 14256 for creep resistance.Code Size UnitEVEWOODBOT125 125ml EachForever White Powder Wall TileEVEWOODBOT250 250ml EachGrout is a cement based powdered Fix & Grout Tile Adhesive is agrouting compound with added PVAWeather Mate Sealant is a multi- EVEWOOD05 500ml Eachpremium grade adhesive formulatedto promote adhesion and wateruse sealant based on an advancedEVEWOOD1 1L Eachto be used as both an adhesiverepellents to shed water. Simplyisocrylic formula that provides the and grout. The product contains amix with water to give a pureultimate in sealant technology forEVEWOOD5 5L Eachfungicide to prevent mould growthwhite paste. Can be used on walladhesion to all surfaces. The productEVEWOODA25 25L Eachand dries to a brilliant white finish.joints up to 3mm. Contains mouldcan be applied in wet weather, to Tested to EN12004 type D2T. shield for long lasting protectionwet surfaces and even under water. against discolouration caused byAdheres to many problematic Code Size Unit bacteria, mildew and mould growth.surfaces such as bitumen, lead, EVEFIX005 500ml Each Waterproof for showers, bathrooms,galvanised steel and roofing felts.EVEFIX01 1L Each wetrooms & kitchens, powershowerCode Colour UnitEVEFIX02 2.5L Each proof, repels water. TOP BRANDS EVEFIX05 5L Each Code Unit EVEWEABK Black Each AT LOW TRADE EVEWEACL Clear EachEVEFIX10 10L Each EVEFWPOWGROUT1 Each EVEWEAWE White Each PRICESOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 557'