b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESDETERGENTS & CLEANERSCLEANING & HOUSEWARESDETERGENTS & CLEANERSAstonish C8500 Oven &Astonish C9228 GermAstonish C9955 Mould &Barrettine Knockout ToiletCookware Cleaner 150g Clear Disinfectant 1L SuperMildew Remover 750ml Drain & Urinals UnblockerConcentrateMakes easy work of oven grime and baked on food on cookware, restoring items to like new. Use to eliminate germs and bugs on surfaces around the home includingKills unsightly spores and DETERGENTS & CLEANERS Code Size Unit E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria and MRSA. prevents re-growth. Works within ASTC8500 150g Each 2 minutes. For use in bathroom, Code Unit showers, kitchens and any areas of condensation.Astonish C8600 Oven & GrillASTC9228 Each A ready to use, non-acid formula Cleaner with Sponge 250g Code Unit which will easily break down blockages Astonish C9321 StainASTC9955 Each or slow running waste, leaving waste Remover Spray 750ml pipes clean and sanitized.Astonish C9962 Vac MaxxCode Size UnitMachine Carpet Shampoo 1L BARKODT500 500ml EachBARKODT001 1L EachKnockout Sinks Showers & Powers through grease and burnt-onBath Unblocker 500mlfood. No harsh chemicals, no need for gloves. Comes with a sponge.Code UnitASTC8600 Each Ready to use spray to swiftly removeUse with all major carpet cleaning and loosens stains instantly. Suitablemachines and carpets types including Astonish C9106 Antibacterialfor white and coloured fabrics. wool and synthetics. Lifts stains Cleaner 750ml Code Unit whilst neutralising unpleasant odours.ASTC9321 Each Code UnitASTC9962 EachAstonish C9618 Kitchen Cleaner 750ml Barrettine Knockout KODB001 Black Disinfectant 1LA Sodium hydroxide solution specially designed to clear fat, grease and hair in kitchen sinks, baths and showers.Kills 99.9% of bacteria. EffectiveCode Unitagainst e-coli, salmonella and listeria. With no bleach, no taint andBARKOKB500 Eachno odour the product is suitable for use on food preparation areas. Removes bad smells from drainsBarrettine Knock Out Toilet & Cuts through grease and dirt quickly Code Unit and easily. Leaves surfaces sparklinglyand bins, disinfects and removesDrain CleanerASTC9106 Each clean. With a zesty lemon scent. bacteria moss and algae from paths, patios, driveways, pet housing and Code Unit greenhouses.Astonish ConcentratedASTC9618 EachDisinfectant 500ml Code UnitAstonish C9716 BathroomBARKODB001 EachCleaner 750ml Everbuild Heavy Duty Hand CleanerUse to eliminate germs and bugs onSulphuric acid based product (with surfaces around the home includingA heavy duty hand gel cleaner withinhibitor) specially designed to E.coli and Salmonella. polychips. Made from biodegradablerapidly clear blockages in drains, natural ingredients it removedpipes and toilets. Industrial strength Code Desc. Unit Removes soap scum, water marks andwet/semi-cured paints, sealants,for trade and professional use only.ASTC9200 Linen Fresh Each limescale.Cleans to leaves a streakadhesives, grease, oil, bitumens, etc.ASTC9220 Exotic Orchard Each free shine. With a fresh pine fragrance. Code Size Unit Code Size UnitASTC9220-1 Zesty Lemon Each Code Unit EVEHDHAND1 1L Each BARLOAK500 500ml EachASTC9222 Garden Bouquet Each ASTC9716 Each EVEHDHAND4 4.5L Each BARLOAK1 1L Each54 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'