b'DECORATINGROLLERS & TRAYSROLLERS & TRAYS DECORATINGSilverline Roller Sleeve Silverline (440198)Silverline (460649) MasonrySilverline (702477) Corner Decorators Roller & Brush SetRoller Set 3pce 3pce Paint Roller 100mm11pceROLLERS & TRAYSWoven acrylic roller with long-handled frame and 12mm pile Extra-long pile acrylic roller withcorner sleeve. Allows neat paint woven fabric for greater paint-loadingapplication in tight spaces. Ideal for High-quality roller sleeves for fast,use in corners and painting around easy coverage of large areas. Shortcapacity. Ideal on rough, semi-roughpipework. Suitable for solvent pile for smooth surfaces, mediumComplete decorating kit for alland uneven surfaces. Use on renderedor water-based emulsion, wood painting tasks around the home. Formasonry, brickwork, concrete andtreatments and undercoats. For use pile for uneven surfaces and longuse with all types of emulsion andother textured surface coatings. pile or sheepskin for rough surfaces. paint. Medium pile roller sleevesIncludes 250mm extra-wide masonryon smooth and semi-rough surfaces.for large and small smooth-to-semisleeve, 100mm masonry paint brush,Code UnitCode Type Unit rough surfaces. Includes maskinghandle and large roller tray. SIL702477 Eachtape, 50mm paintbrush, tray, frame 230mm and 230mm and 100mm rollerCode Unitsleeves. SIL460649 Each Silverline 733233 Roller & SIL794319 Short Each Tray Set 230mmSIL277850 Medium Each Code Unit Silverline 555252 Mini Roller SIL583242 Long Each SIL440198 Each Frame & 10 SleevesSilverline (450193) Disposable Silverline 371742 Cage RollerRoller Tray Liner 5pk 100mmFrame 230mmZinc-faced mini metal frame withMedium-pile sleeve for use with oil durable plastic handle. Includes 10and water-based emulsion paints. x 100mm acrylic rollers for use onPolypropylene tray with textured smooth or textured surfaces. base for even paint loading. Clear, disposable PVC insertsCompatible with tapered extension with even loading, cross-hatchCode Unit poles, including Silverline 633699.pattern. Insert in roller trays or useSIL555252 Each Code Unitseparately. Eliminates the need to wash out the tray and prolongsSilverline 564795 DecoratorsSIL733233 Eachservice life. Allows quick swapsRoller & Brush Set 9pcFrame for use with 230mm rollerbetween paint types and colours. Silverline Roller Sleevesleeves. Screw-fit connection. Compatible with 100mm (4) roller trays.Code Unit Code UnitSIL371742 Each SIL450193 EachHigh-quality roller sleeves for fast, Silverline 456992 Heavy Dutyeasy coverage of large areas. Short Silverline (439888)Roller 230mm pile for smooth surfaces, medium pile for uneven surfaces and long Disposable Roller Tray Linerpile or sheepskin for rough surfaces.230mm Pack of 5 Roller and brush set includes 4 flocked roller sleeve, 4 foam rollerCode Type Unitsleeve, 4 medium pile roller sleeve,300mm2 foam roller sleeve, 2 and 4SIL783099 Short Eachroller frames, 1/2 round paint brush, 300mm (12) x 150mm (6) paint roller tray and a paint mixer.Heavy duty roller frame. For use withCode Unitany 45mm diameter roller sleeves.SIL564795 EachScrew-fit connection.Code Unit Silverline 580429 Paint Pad SIL456992 Each Set 4pcSilverline Mini Roller FrameClear, disposable PVC inserts with even loading, cross-hatch pattern. Insert in roller trays or use separately. Eliminates the need to wash out the tray and prolongs service life. Allows quick swapsMini roller frame for 100mm mini between paint types and colours.roller sleeves. Available with either Compatible with 230mm (9) rollershort or long handle. Push-fit connection. 600mm. Includes 3 push-fit pads and 230mmLARGE RANGE OF trays. tray. Suitable for gloss, emulsion and woodstain. PAINT AVAILABLE Code Type Unit TO COLLECT FROM Code Unit SIL509105 Short Each Code Unit OUR COUNTERSIL439888 Each SIL486936 Long Each SIL580429 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 95'