b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEHAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVESPONGES & LEATHERS TESTERSSuperior Synthetic ChamoisSilverline 154006 MechanicsSilverline 427656 AntifreezeSilverline 633982 Ignition 18 Stethoscope 320mm Tester Spark Tester270mmAUTOMOTIVE & BLOW TORCHES & REFILLSDisc type tester checks condition of coolant antifreeze. Freeze protection level indicated by the number of the 6 large coloured discs which float in the sample. Easy to read temperature table on a sturdy plastic body. Connects between spark plug Code Unit and ignition lead to give a clear SIL427656 Each indication of ignition system Nova Superior Synthetic ChammyHandy tool used to pinpoint wornfunction.is a high quality synthetic chamoisbearings, engine faults and other mechanical noises. Two piece,Silverline 598559 Petrol EngineCode Unitleather, used in place of a traditional320mm probe allows safe access toCompression Test Kit 5pc SIL633982 Eachgenuine chamois leather but has theconfined areas. Manufactured from benefits of being machine washable. chrome-plated steel with PVC hoses Silverline 868595 Car Light Code Size Unit and soft rubber ear pieces. Tester 6-24VHOLSQA801 18 (457mm) Each Code UnitSIL154006 EachSynthetic Chammy 18x15Silverline 282535 Battery Hydrometer 150mmIdentifies worn valves and piston rings. Suitable for use on most petrol engines with 14mm or 18mm spark plugs. Easy to read dial givesCar light tester with 900mm accurate measurement of individualinsulated cable and earth clip. For topping up and testing density ofcylinder pressures. Reads up toInsulated piercing contact point with battery electrolyte. 300psi, 20Bar max. protective screw cap.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitHOLA81 Each SIL282535 Each SIL598559 Each SIL868595 EachBLOW TORCHES & REFILLSBLOW TORCHESDickie Dyer (361700) HeavyDickie Dyer (874582)Dickie Dyer (997400) SolidGo Gas WB2012 Garden Duty MAP Pro Gas TorchPlumbers Gas Torch Kit BagBrass MAP Jumbo FlameWeedburnerCGA600 MAP / Propane 350 x 250 x 160mm Torch CGA600 MAP & PropaneHeavy duty brass and stainless steel construction with high-tech polymer handle. CGA600 fittingHeavy duty solid brass construction. for use with MAP Pro and propaneCGA600 fitting for use with MAP gas cylinders. Highly effective swirland propane gas cylinders. Highly flame with variable control andeffective swirl flame with variable temperatures to 150C. Piezo triggercontrol and temperatures to 197C. start and 36 swivel tip for workingCan be used in any orientation for in awkward and hard-to-reach areas.Tough, durable, water-resistantwork in confined spaces. CE certified.CE certified. 600D ballistic nylon construction,Code UnitCode Unit specifically designed to fit up to 4 xSIL997400 EachSIL361700 Each MAP and other gas cartridges, gasPortable and lightweight, Easy and torches and other tools. Featuressafe to operatezip closing, elasticated strap, frontPOWER TOOLSSelf Igniting and Adjustable Flamepocket for mobile phone and elasticSee pages 503-531 Temperature up to 1300 C, heat loops for pliers or screwdrivers.blast permanently destroys plant Adjustable shoulder strap andcell structuresmall front pocket. Suitable for Compatible with 2175 (170g) or transporting soldering, welding and2350 (350g) Butane - Propane Mix PROFESSIONALbrazing accessories. Refills.PRODUCTS AT LOW Code Unit Code UnitTRADE PRICES SIL874582 Each GOGWB2012 Each218 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'