b'SCREWDRIVERSSCREWDRIVERS SECURITY DEKTONDekton DT65924 Remove-ItDekton Ratchet with Spinner Dekton Mains Tester Dekton DT70102 Key Lock BoxPro Screw RemoverSCREWDRIVERS & SECURITYKnurled spinner ring. Heat treated carbon steel. Heavy duty. AC 100v to 500v. Long life neonIdeal for outdoor use. Enables bulb. shared access to keys. Robust steel Code Size Unit exterior, providing an excellent DEKDT85221 1/4" Each Code Size Unit level of security. 3 digit resettable DEKDT85222 3/8" Each DEKDT95266 5.5" Each combination. Can be wall mounted.Removes any screw or bolt. DurableDEKDT95267 7.5" Eachhardened steel bits. Quick and easyDEKDT85224 1/2" Each Code Unitto use. Works with any drill. Dekton DT95268 MainsDEKDT70102 EachDekton Ratchet HandleCode Unit Tester 2pc Dekton DT70119 Waterproof DEKDT65924 Each Padlock XL 65mmDekton DT80288 3pc Flat Wood Bit SetIntegrated quick release button. Manufactured from strong CR-V steel. 72 teeth ratchet. Comfortable rubber handle for better grip. 100 - 250 volts. 140 X 3mm Code Drive Unit screwdriver. 190 X 3.5mm screwdriver. Heavy duty waterproof DEKDT85250 3/8" Each Code Unit thermoplastic cover. Dual-locking DEKDT95268 Each levers. Pin tumbler mechanism. DEKDT85260 1/2" Each 65mm shackle. Includes 2 keys.Dekton DT95250 DigitalDekton Terminal Block 2pc Code UnitVoltage Tester DEKDT70119 EachPrecision machined bits for accurate wood drilling. For cutting straight orDekton Iron Padlock Titanium angled holes in hardwood, softwoodPlatedand grain, cross grain and laminated panels. For use with an electric drill. Ideal for site work, DIY & many other uses. Includes: 1/2" (13mm) drill bit, 3/4" (19mm) drill bit, 1" (25mm) drill bit.Code Unit Insulated connector strips. Brass contacts and screw clamp fixing. 2 x DEKDT80288 Each 12 way strips.Dekton DT85143 11pc TorxAC/DC 12v to 250v. Digital display.Code Size Unit Titanium plated padlock with 3 keys.Bit Set Includes pocket clip. DEKDT95310 4mm Each Code Size UnitCode Unit DEKDT95315 6mm EachDEKDT70131 40mm EachDEKDT95250 EachDekton Cable Access Kit DEKDT70133 50mm EachDekton DT95265 LED Test Pen DEKDT70135 60mm EachDekton Long Shackle Iron Padlock Titanium PlatedReinforced rods route cables over Ultra strong CR-V. Square drive.ceilings, under floors and through Includes wall mounting holder.wall cavities or trunking. Includes Includes: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27,Measures AC 100v to 500v. Long lifehook end, ring end and flexi extender. Titanium plated padlock with 3 keys.T30, T40, T45, T50, T55, T60. LED indicator. Includes pocket clip. Code Size Unit Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit DEKDT95330 10 x 1m Each DEKDT70137 40mm EachDEKDT85143 Each DEKDT95265 Each DEKDT95335 10 x 30cm Each DEKDT70139 50mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 19'