b'HAND TOOLSHAMMERSHAMMERS HAND TOOLSMALLETS MORTAR PICKSHilka Black Rubber MalletSilverline Combination RubberThor Rubber Mallet Spear & Jackson MPHCP Fibreglass Shaft Mallet Chisel & Point Mortar PickHAMMERSOne-piece rubber head with self locking handle.Standard black face for general workCode Size Unitand semi-hard white face that will Used by bricklayers for cleaning Strong high visibility yellow shaftsBlacknot mark or discolour surfaces. worn and broken debris from brick with rubber grips for comfortable use. THO952 12oz Each and stonework prior to repointingCode Size UnitCode Size Unit THO953 1.1/4lb EachChisel and point or double point SIL868836 16oz EachHIL61201916 16oz Each THO954 1.3/4lb Each end available which are hardened HIL61201932 32oz Each SIL282596 32oz Each THO957 2.1/2lb Each for strength Hickory shaft Hilka Rubber Mallet WhiteSilverline Black Rubber Mallet White Code UnitFibreglass 16oz THO952W 12oz Each NEISJMPHCP EachTHO953W 1.1/4lb EachTHO954W 1.3/4lb Each NYLON & PLASTICTHO957W 2.1/2lb EachSilverline 633905 4-in-1 Multi Vitrex 101060 White RubberHead Hammer 300mmSolid rubber head and hardwoodMallet Non MarkingStrong high visibility yellow shaftshaft.with rubber grips for comfortableCode Size Unituse. Non-marking head ideal for use on easy marked surfaces. SILHA72 16oz EachCode Unit SILHA73 24oz EachHIL62202016 Each SIL598492 32oz Each Ideal for setting large tiles intoRST RC035 Wood JoinersThor 23-8898SP Super Plasticadhesive/ Pearshape Mallet 200gNon-marking white rubber head Versatile hammer with 4 Mallet 4.1/2 Can be used in conjunction with theinterchangeable heads. 3 x plastic LASH Tile Levelling System anti-marking heads white (soft), red Code Unit (medium) and green (hard). One additional metal head. Fibreglass VIT101060 Each handle.MORTAR PICKS Code UnitBeechwood mallets available in aSIL633905 Eachvariety of sizes. Ultra-high molecular weightHilka 60504002 Chipping Polythene Heads. Hammer Chisel & PointThor Nylon / Aluminium Code Size Unit Code Size Unit Hickory Handle 400g Hammer with Wooden HandleRSTRC035 115mm EachTHO8898SP 200g EachSilverline White Rubber MalletThor 24-5704 Copper Mallet with Plastic HandleChrome plated zinc heads with nylon faces.Semi-hard white rubber mallet. WillChisel and point. Hickory shaft. Code Size Unitnot mark or discolour surfaces.THO708N 1/2lb EachHardwood shaft. Code Size UnitRound solid copper mallet withTHO720N 5.1/2lb Eachplastic handle. HIL60504002 400g EachCode Size UnitSIL633608 16oz Each Code Size Unit Silverline 250101 Mortar PickThor Nylon Hammer with SIL868607 24oz Each THO5704 2lb Each 24oz Plastic HandleSIL196552 32oz EachThor 62-8050 Hardwood / Silverline 273206 WoodenBarrel MalletMallet 310mmChrome plated zinc heads with nylon faces.Pointed end for chipping out oldCode Size UnitLaminated Compressed Wood headsmortar. Chisel end for re-dressingTHO710 1lb EachDurable hardwood mallet 115mm face. with flush fitted glass fibre hoops. bricks. Hardwood shaft. THO712 1.1/2lb EachCode Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit THO714 2lb EachSIL273206 Each THO8050 Each SIL250101 24oz Each THO716 3lb EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 243'