b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSBUILDERS METALWORKFIXINGS & FASTENERSBUILDERS METALWORK CABLE & PIPE CLIPSJOIST HANGERS RESTRAINT STRAPS Pipe Clip Open EndedMini Timber Joist SupportHeavy Duty Restraint StrapLight Duty Restraint Strap Hanger Galv Box 250 100mm Bend Pack 10 100mm Twist Pack 20Made from heat resistant Light duty twisted restraint strapspolypropylenecan be used for vertical restraintCode Size Unitapplications such as holding down wall plates to masonry.Designed andFORPCSO15 15mm Box 100BUILDERS METALWORK, CABLE & PIPE CLIPS & CABLE TIES Suitable for timber depth up totested in accordance with BS EN 845- FORPCSO22 22mm Box 100100mm. Produced from0.9mm1, The Building Regulations, BS5268 thick galvanised steel to BS ENPart 3 and other building standards 10346:2009 DX51D + G275 asGalvanised heavy duty bent restraintfor vertical and horizontal restraint. Round Cable Clipstandard. Galvanised hangersstraps are suitable for horizontal must be fixed using 30 x 3.75mmrestraint applications such asCode Size Unitsheradised square twisted nails in alltying timber roofs and floors intoBPCV/1000/T100 1000 x 100mm Pk 20pre-punched holes. masonry walls. Designed and testedBPCV/1200/T100 1200 x 100mm Pk 20Code Size Unit in accordance with BS EN 845-1, The Building Regulations, BS5268 PartBPCV/600/T100 600 x 100mm Pk 20BPCMINI/44 44 x 66mm Box 250 3 and other building standards forBPCV/900/T100 900 x 100mm Pk 20 Round Cable Clip, White, BoxedBPCMINI/47 47 x 66mm Box 250 vertical and horizontal restraint. Code Size (mm) UnitBPCMINI/50 50 x 43mm Box 250 Code Size Unit CABLE & PIPE CLIPS BlackBPCH/1000/B100 1000 x100mm Pk 10 FORRCC67B 6-7 Box 100Timber To Masonry JoistBPCH/1200/B100 1200 x 100mm Pk 10 Flat Cable Clip BrownHanger Type S BPCH/1500/B100 1500 x 100mm Pk 10 FORRCC67BR 6-7 Box 100BPCH/600/B100 600 x 100mm Pk 10 WhiteBPCH/900/B100 900 x 100mm Pk 10 FORRCC45W 4-5 Box 200FORRCC56W 5-6 Box 100Light Duty Restraint StrapFlat Cable Clip, White, Boxed FORRCC67W 6-7 Box 100100mm Bend Pack 20 FORRCC78W 7-8 Box 100Code Size UnitGrey FORRCC911W 9-11 Box 100FORFCC1G 1mm Box 100 FORRCC1214W 12-14 Box 100A comprehensive range of singleFORFCC15G 1.5mm Box 100 FORRCC1518W 15-18 Box 100piece non-welded timber to masonryFORFCC25G 2.5mm Box 100hangers, designed to supportCABLE TIEStimber joists from brick or blockFORFCC4G 4.0mm Box 100walls. As standard all hangers areFORFCC6G 6.0mm Box 100 Cable Tiesmanufactured from 2.0mm thick pre- FORFCC10G 10mm Box 100galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009Light duty bent restraint strapsFORFCC16G 16.0mm Box 100+ G275, independently tested and compliant with BS EN 845-1 and to thecan be used for vertical restraintWhiterequirements of BS5268. applications such as holding downFORFCC75W 0.75mm Box 100wall plates to masonry. Designed Code Size Unit and tested in accordance with BSFORFCC1W 1mm Box 100BPCSMH/S/100X225 100 x 225mm Box 15 EN 845-1, The Building Regulations,FORFCCBW Bellwire Box 100BPCSMH/S/47X150 47 x 150mm Box 40 BS5268 Part 3 and other building standards for vertical and horizontalPipe Clip Nail InBPCSMH/S/47X200 47 x 200mm Box 25 restraint. Bag 100BPCSMH/S/47X225 47 x 225mm Box 25Extensive size range from 100mm-Code Size UnitBPCSMH/S/75X175 75 x 175mm Box 20 BPCV/600/B100 600 x 100mm Pk 20 450mm. Available in widths 2.5mm-8.0mm.BPCSMH/S/75X200 75 x 200mm Box 20BPCV/900/B100 900 x 100mm Pk 20 Temperature range for continuous BPCSMH/S/75X225 75 x 225mm Box 20 BPCV/1000/B100 1000 x 100mm Pk 20 use -40 to 85 degrees centigrade.BPCV/1200/B100 1200 x 100mm Pk 20 Made from heat resistantCode Size (mm) UnitRESTRAINT STRAPS polypropyleneLight Duty Restraint StrapBlackHeavy Duty Restraint StrapFlat Pack 20 Code Size Unit FORCT100B 2.5 x 100 Pk 100Flat Pack 10 FORPCMN16 16mm Bag 100 FORCT150B 3.6 x 150 Pk 100FORPCMN22 22mm Bag 100 FORCT200B 4.6 x 200 Pk 100Pipe Clip Snap Over FORCT300B 4.8 x 300 Pk 100Light duty bent restraint strapsFORCT36848B 4.8 x 368 Pk 100Heavy duty restraint straps arecan be used for vertical restraintFORCT380B 7.6 x 380 Pk 100suitable for horizontal restraintapplications such as holding down applications such as tying timberwall plates to masonry. DesignedFORCT450B 8.0 x 450 Pk 100roofs and floors into masonry walls.and tested in accordance with BSNaturalCE Marked and tested to BS EN 845- EN 845-1, The Building Regulations,FORCT100N 2.5 x 100 Pk 1001:2008 Designed in accordance withBS5268 Part 3 and other building The Building Regulations, BS5268standards for vertical and horizontalFORCT150N 3.6 x 150 Pk 100Part 3 and other building standardsrestraint. Made from heat resistantFORCT200N 4.6 x 200 Pk 100for vertical and horizontal restraint. Code Size Unit polypropylene FORCT300N 4.8 x 300 Pk 100Code Size Unit BPCV/600/FLAT 600mm Pk 20 Code Size Unit FORCT36848N 4.8 x 368 Pk 100BPCH/600/FLAT 600mm Pk 10 BPCV/900/FLAT 900mm Pk 20 FORPCSC15 15mm Bag 100 FORCT380N 7.6 x 380 Pk 100BPCH/900/FLAT 900mm Pk 10 BPCV/1000/FLAT 1000mm Pk 20 FORPCSC22 22mm Bag 100 FORCT450N 8.0 x 450 Pk 100130 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'