b'IRONMONGERYDOOR FITTINGSIRONMONGERYDOOR FITTINGSDOOR HANDLES DOOR KNOBSSecurit Scroll Chrome Handles Securit Victorian ChromeERA Privacy Door Knob Set Securit Brushed Nickel Handles Mortice Knobs 60mmDOOR FITTINGSFor bathroom and bedroom use, the external knob on the ERA Privacy Lock has an emergency release, combining safety and privacy. Code Size UnitMPSS2869 60mm PairCode Finish UnitMPSS2870 57mm EachCode Size Unit ERA16832 Brass EachBathroom Securit S2920 155mm VictorianERA16852 Satin Chrome Each Securit Ceramic Cupboard MPSS2917 155mm Each chrome lock handles Knobs 35mmLatch Code Size Unit Securit Antique Brass Cupboard KnobMPSS2916 120mm Each BathroomLock MPSS2922 150mm EachMPSS2915 155mm Each LatchMPSS2921 120mm Each Code Colour UnitSecurit Victorian BrassLockRegency Handles MPSS3571 White CardMPSS2920 150mm Each MPSS3572 Beige CardCode Size UnitMPSS3573 Blue / Grey CardDOOR KNOBS MPSS3561 35mm Card MPSS3574 Black CardMPSS3563 30mm CardMPSS3578 Cracked White CardERA Entrance Door Knob Set With backplateMPSS3579 White / Gold CardMPSS3562 30mm CardSecurit B2222 Rim Knob SetSecurit Ceramic Door Knob Victorian Brass 50mm 60mmCode Size UnitLatchMPSS2213 165mm CardMPSS2213L 200mm Card Code Colour UnitLock Code Unit MPSS3280 White CardMPSS2212 200mm Card MPSB2222BULK Each MPSS3281 White/Gold CardThe ERA Entrance Lock has beenMPSS3282 Cream CardSecurit Victorian Brass Scrolldesigned for applications on frontSecurit B3241 Plastic KnobMPSS3283 White/Blue CardHandles and back doors and can be locked from either inside or outside. Set Brown 60mmSecurit Chrome Plated Code Finish Unit Mortice KnobsERA16632 Brass EachERA16652 Satin Chrome EachERA Passage Door Knob SetCode Size UnitCode Unit MPSS2927 60mm EachCode Size Unit MPSB3241 Each MPSS2929 57mm EachBathroomMPSS2206 150mm Card Securit Ball Cupboard KnobSecurit Cupboard Knob Latch 25mm Chrome Plated Card/2MPSS7205 115mm EachMPSS2205 105mm CardLatch - Bulk The ERA Passage Door Knob is MPSB7205BULK 115mm Each suitable for internal doors and as it Lock is a non-locking knob set, it allows free access at all times.MPSS7204 155mm Each Code Finish Unit Code Size UnitMPSS2204 150mm Card Code Finish Unit MPSS3506 Chrome Plated Card MPSS3018 25mm Card of 2Privacy ERA17032 Brass Each MPSS3507 Polished Brass Card MPSS3019 30mm Card of 2MPSS2207 105mm Card ERA17052 Satin Chrome Each MPSS3508 Matt Nickel Card MPSS3020 35mm Card of 2388 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'