b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESHOLESAWS & ARBORSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESHOLESAWS & ARBORSHOLESAWSSilverline Diamond DustSpectre Bi-Metal Holesaw Starrett Deep Cut HolesawHolesaw Code Size UnitSTTDCH0178 48mm EachSTTDCH0200 51mm EachSTTDCH0216 52mm EachSTTDCH0218 54mm EachFor drilling ceramic tiles, glass,STTDCH056M 56mm Eachmarble, slate and porcelain tiles upSTTDCH0214 57mm Eachto hardness grade 5. For use withCode Size Unit STTDCH0256 59mm Eachconventional power drills.Code Size Unit FORSPEHOLE14 14mm Each The Deep Cut saw combines theSTTDCH0238 60mm EachFORSPEHOLE16 16mm Each tried and tested tooth form from theSTTDCH0212 64mm EachHOLESAWS & ARBORS SIL675325 6mm Each previous Dual Pitch product, withSTTDCH0296 65mm EachSIL282628 8mm Each FORSPEHOLE19 19mm Each a new tooth material for enhanced SIL598566 16mm Each FORSPEHOLE20 20mm Each heat and wear resistance. The DeepSTTDCH0258 67mm EachFORSPEHOLE21 21mm Each Cut saw also features an increasedSTTDCH068M 68mm EachSIL196606 18mm Each hole saw depth of 51mm/2, and isSTTDCH0234 70mm EachSIL783176 20mm Each FORSPEHOLE22 22mm Each ideal for cutting metal of more than SIL793825 22mm Each FORSPEHOLE24 24mm Each 3mm thickness, tubes with a wallSTTDCH0278 73mm EachFORSPEHOLE25 25mm Each thickness of greater than 3mm andSTTDCH0300 76mm EachSIL763622 25mm Each wood up to 51mm thick. STTDCH0318 79mm EachSIL656637 30mm Each FORSPEHOLE27 27mm EachFORSPEHOLE29 29mm Each Code Size Unit STTDCH0314 83mm EachSIL719820 32mm EachFORSPEHOLE30 30mm Each STTDCH0034 19mm Each STTDCH0338 86mm EachSIL395021 35mm EachFORSPEHOLE32 32mm Each STTDCH2532 20mm Each STTDCH0312 89mm EachSIL589710 40mm EachFORSPEHOLE33 33mm Each STTDCH1036 21mm Each STTDCH0358 92mm EachSIL571533 45mm EachFORSPEHOLE35 35mm Each STTDCH0078 22mm Each STTDCH0334 95mm EachSilverline Tungsten CarbideFORSPEHOLE38 38mm Each STTDCH1056 24mm Each STTDCH0378 98mm EachGrit Holesaw FORSPEHOLE40 40mm Each STTDCH0100 25mm Each STTDCH0400 102mm EachFORSPEHOLE41 41mm Each STTDCH0116 27mm Each STTDCH0418 105mm EachFORSPEHOLE44 44mm Each STTDCH0118 29mm Each STTDCH0414 108mm EachFORSPEHOLE46 46mm Each STTDCH0136 30mm Each STTDCH0438 111mm EachFORSPEHOLE48 48mm Each STTDCH0114 32mm Each STTDCH0412 114mm EachFORSPEHOLE51 51mm Each STTDCH0156 33mm Each STTDCH0434 121mm EachFORSPEHOLE52 52mm Each STTDCH0138 35mm Each STTDCH0500 127mm EachFORSPEHOLE54 54mm Each STTDCH0176 37mm Each STTDCH0514 133mm EachFORSPEHOLE56 56mm Each STTDCH0112 38mm Each STTDCH0512 140mm EachFORSPEHOLE57 57mm Each STTDCH0196 40mm Each STTDCH0600 152mm EachFORSPEHOLE60 60mm Each STTDCH0158 41mm Each STTDCH160M 160mm EachTungsten carbide grit cutting edge.FORSPEHOLE64 64mm Each STTDCH1116 43mm Each STTDCH168M 168mm EachUse for drilling holes in floor andFORSPEHOLE65 65mm Each STTDCH0134 44mm Each STTDCH177M 177mm Eachwall tiles, and for drilling in aerated and concrete blocks. Pre-drill pilotFORSPEHOLE67 67mm Each STTDCH1136 46mm Each STTDCH210M 210mm Eachhole in particle board using jobberFORSPEHOLE70 70mm Eachor lip and spur bit. Max drilling depthFORSPEHOLE73 73mm Each Starrett Fast Cut Holesaw55mm.FORSPEHOLE76 76mm EachCode Size UnitFORSPEHOLE79 79mm EachSIL279717 43mm EachFORSPEHOLE83 83mm EachSIL507864 53mm EachFORSPEHOLE86 86mm EachSIL875503 67mm Each FORSPEHOLE89 89mm Each OVER 20,000 SIL366036 73mm EachSIL330694 83mm Each FORSPEHOLE92 92mm Each PRODUCTSFORSPEHOLE95 95mm EachSIL688671 93mm EachSIL915417 103mm Each FORSPEHOLE98 98mm Each AVAILABLE FORSPEHOLE102 102mm EachSIL880202 113mm Each FORSPEHOLE105 105mm Each Starrett Dual Pitch Professional HoleONLINE 24/7Saws are the latest development FORSPEHOLE108 108mm Each in multi use bi metal hole saws.FORSPEHOLE111 111mm Each Featuring the smooth cutting action of our constant pitch hole saw, FORSPEHOLE114 114mm Each combined with aggressive material FORSPEHOLE121 121mm Each penetration and swarf clearance, FORSPEHOLE127 127mm Each Dual Pitch Professional will cut UNABLE TO FINDequally well on thin and thicker FORSPEHOLE133 133mm Each gauge materials.This removes WHAT YOU AREthe need to carry a constant and a LOOKING FOR? FORSPEHOLE140 140mm Each variable pitch hole saw.FORSPEHOLE152 152mm EachCall our sales teamFORSPEHOLE160 160mm Each Code Size Unittoday on FORSPEHOLE168 168mm Each STTFCH0096 14mm EachFORSPEHOLE177 177mm Each STTFCH0058 16mm Each0151 647 4255 FORSPEHOLE210 210mm Each STTFCH1016 17mm Each www.newtonhale.co.uk476 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'