b'POWER TOOLSAIR TOOLSAIR TOOLS POWER TOOLSAIR TOOLSSilverline 991139 Air BlowSilverline Air Hammer Set Silverline Air Nibbler Silverline Air Sheet Metal Gun 1/4 BSP ShearAIR TOOLS & BATTERIES & CHARGERSFingertip-operated throttle lever for feathering control. Cuts steel up to For general body shop work. Also for1.5mm thick (including 18 gauge).Use sheet metal shears to trim, Air blow gun with large ergonomicremoval of rust. Quick-change springLeaves edges smooth and free ofoutline and shear plastic, tin, handle and trigger, for cleaningand built-in trigger. Includes 120mmburns or distortions. Includes built-inaluminium, steel and other metals up liquid swarf or dust. Wide triggerchisel set: taper punch, spot weldpower regulator and 1/4 male quickto 18 gauge rolled steel. Ergonomic range enables precise air control.breaker, panel cutting chisel andconnector. Air consumption 6.0cfm.handle design for increased user Hanging eye for storage. 1/4 BSPripping chisel. Includes 6mm (1/4)0.85kg comfort. Blades will not distort air inlet. male quick connector. edges of metal.Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit SIL244980 Air Nibbler Each Code UnitSIL991139 Each SIL394970 Each SIL675079 Punches Pk 5 SIL793750 EachBATTERIES & CHARGERSDewalt DCB183 XR Li-ion 18vGMC (467760) 18V Li-IonHilka QBP108V Li-ion DrillHilka QBPIW18 Impact Wrench 2.0ah Battery Batteries GMC18V30 3.0Ah Battery 10.8V Battery 18VCode UnitDEWDCB183 Each GMC 18V 3Ah battery compatibleSpare battery for Hilka Impact with GMC 18V range of shared powerWrench of 18 volts. Suitable with system tools. Lightweight cells. High- Spare rechargeable lithium-ionHilka Model 91501838.Hilka tools Dewalt DCB184 XR Li-ion 18vcapacity battery for extended run timesare build to quality standard using 5.0ah Battery and safer operation with high currentbattery suitable for Hilka Max 10.8vfine materials and designs.tools. Built-in charge level indicator. drills.Code UnitCode Unit Code Unit HILQBPIW18 EachSIL467760 Each HILQBP108V EachMakita 1834 18v 2.6ah GMC 476093 18V Li-ionHilka QBP108VMT Li-ion MultiBatteriesBattery 1.5Ah Tool Battery 10.8VCode UnitDEWDCB184 EachDewalt XR Li-ion 18v 3.0ah BatteryGMC 18V 1.5Ah battery compatible with GMC 18V range of shared powerCode Unitsystem tools. Lightweight cells. Built- Spare lithium ion battery suitable forBATMAK193102-0 Eachin charge level indicator. Hilka Max 10.8v multi tool.Code Unit NEWSilverline (958535) SIL476093 Each Code Unit 18V Li-ion Battery 2AhHILQBP108VMT EachCode UnitDEWDCB180 Each Hilka GPT18BTY Battery 1.5mAh Hilka QBP18V Li-ion Drill Battery 18VNEWSilverline (976889) 18V Li-ion Battery ChargerFast-charging battery with no memory effect and very low self-discharge when stored. High performance, lightweight lithium-Spare battery for Hilka 18v Li-ionion cells are capable of 500+ Cordless Garden Tools. Li-ioncharge cycles. Long life blade technology offers long run timecontacts. Charging time 1 hour. Built-between charges. DC 18Volts (Li-ion,18 Volt Li-ion battery for Max 18 voltin charge level indicator. Compatible 1500mAh). drills. with Silverline 18V range.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL976889 Each HILGPT18BTY Each HILQBP18V Each SIL958535 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 507'