b'WORKWEAR & PPEDUST MASKSDUST MASKS WORKWEAR & PPEVitrex 331300 Twin FilterVitrex 331310 ReplacementVitrex Premium Sanding & Respirator Filters P2 Pack of 2 Insulation Respirator P1Since 1930, H Newton Protects lungs against fine non- DUST MASKS & EAR PROTECTIONHale & Sons Limitedtoxic particles, with breathe-easy has established itself asvalve for extra comfortone of the UKs leading The Vitrex Twin Filter RespiratorDesigned to fit the Vitrex Twin Ideal for laying fibreglass insulationis fitted with replaceable P2 filterFilter Respirator (VIT331300).Filters independent supplierscartridges. It has a thermoplasticprotect lungs against fine toxicSuitable for sanding paint, of quality hand andface-piece for optimum comfortparticles. Ideal for use with MDF,softwood, brick dust, plastic & power tools, buildersand a one-piece head harnesshardwoods, fibreglass and mostplasterhardware and securitywith elasticated strap for easy andpower tools. Conform to EN140 1988, Ergonomically designed mouldedproducts. With over 90secure use EN143:2000 FFP2. mask for an airtight sealyears experience of the The respirator protects lungsSecure & comfortable fitindustry, the companyagainst fine toxic particles and isCode Unit Colour coded nose clip for simple remains to this day, aideal for use with MDF, hardwoods,VIT331310 Each identificationthird generation, familyfibreglass insulation and most owned business, offeringpower tools Vitrex Premium Multi-PurposeCode Unitour customers an Conforms to EN140 1988,Respirator P3 VITS4061 Eachunrivalled service. EN143:200 FFP2Code Unit EAR PROTECTIONVIT331300 Each Ear Plugs Box 250 PairsVitrex 331305 Replacement Vapour Filter Pads A1 (Pack of 2)Protects lungs against very fine toxic particles, with breathe-easy valve for extra comfort Ideal for use with MDF, hardwoods,fibreglass & most power toolsSuitable protection from welding &Code Unitsmoke fumes, paint removal & toxicHNHBBEP Box 250waste disposal Ergonomically designed mouldedHigh Quality Ear DefendersT o fit Twin Filter Respirator 331300 mask for an airtight seal Protects lungs against organicSecure & comfortable fitColour coded nose clip for simple vapours and gases with a boilingidentificationpoint above 65C A1 filters offer protection whenCode Desc. Unit spraying timber treatments, inVITS40310 Eachareas of toxic dust, toxic fumes and toxic mists VITS40410 Pack of 3 EachSuitable for most do-it-yourself spraying applications Vitrex Premium Power Tool & MDF Respirator P2Code UnitVIT331305 Pk 2Code UnitJSP1307000 PairHilka 77405005 Ear Plugs Card 5 PairsProtects lungs against fine toxic particles, with breathe-easy valve for extra comfort Ideal for working with MDF,softwood, hardwood, metal & concreteSuitable for use with most power tools: drills, saws, grinders, sanders, routers, etcErgonomically designed moulded mask for an airtight sealSecure & comfortable fit Hygenic disposable plugs give highColour coded nose clip for simplelevel of protection. Conforms to identification EN-352-1.RAPID DELIVERY Code Unit Code Unitwww.newtonhale.co.uk VITS40710 Each HIL77405005 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 565'