b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESHOBBY TOOL ACCESSORIESHOBBY TOOL ACCESSORIES POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESBench Dog (518609) BenchBench Dog (743801) BenchHilka Multi Tool Cutting SetSilverline 156711 Circular Cookie Plus Master Kit 28pce Cookie Storage Centre 267Universal Blade 80mm for Multi Cutterx 88 x 60mm (10-1/2 x 3-1/2 x 2Complete kit for gripping and protecting workpieces. Use BenchCircular blade for use with Multi-Cookie Plus Work Grippers aloneCutter (827819). Suitable for cutting HOBBY TOOL ACCESSORIESto grip and protect workpieces. Can also be used with the includedwood, plastic and thin metals. High standard risers and XL risers to fixStrong storage rack holds 8 BenchIdeal for a variety of jobs inspeed steel.to dog holes or to allow space for aCookies. Easy to mount on a wallsoftwood, timber sheet and router bit or jigsaw blade beneathor workbench, and keeps Benchplasterboard. Compatible with HilkaCode Unitthe workpiece. Includes 8 x BenchCookies safely and neatly stored andmulti tool as well as a number ofSIL156711 EachCookie Plus Work Grippers, 4 xclose at hand. L x W x H 267 x 88 xother brands of multi tools. Contains: risers, 8 x extra-long risers and 8 x60mm. Fixings not included. 10 x 35 x 93mm, 20 x 35 x 93mm, 35 Bench Cookie finishing cones. Code Unit x 35 x 93mm. Silverline 261280 Multi Code Unit SIL743801 Each Code Unit Purpose Cutting Kit 4pcSIL518609 Each HIL50910003 EachBench Dog (835546) Bench Bench Dog (641629) BenchCookie Plus XL Risers 4pk Silverline (504653) Cutting Cookie Plus Kit 4pk Set 7pceNewly redesigned, friction rubberAllows cutting along length of drill pads hold projects steady whileTriples the height of Bench Cookiebit for use as hobby drill or micro sawing, sanding, or routing withoutPlus discs when threaded into thejigsaw. Creates precise patterns in thin the use of clamps. A threaded insertcentre insert. Raises workpieces foror light wood and other non-metal is included for adding a variety ofworking with saws and other toolsmaterials. Maximum depth adjustment accessories that elevate your workthat require extra height. Fits 19mm19mm. Includes 2 drywall cutting bits and provide plenty of clearance for all(3/4) Bench Dog holes or 19mmand 1 multipurpose bit. Compatible project needs. Optional accessories(3/4) holes drilled into sawhorses orGeneral cutting set includes 2 x 34with Silverline Hobby Tool (249765).available for the Bench Cookie Plus:other fixtures. and 1 x 68mm HCS cutting blades for Bench Cookie Finishing Cones,wood and plastic; 2 x 22mm bi-metalCode UnitBench Cookie Sawhorse Clips, Code Unit cutting blades for wood, metal and Bench Cookie Finishing Bridges, andSIL835546 Each plastic; 1 x 80mm HSS cutting bladeSIL261280 EachBench Cookie Risers. for wood, metal and plastic; and 1 x Benchdog 693375 Feather- 65mm tungsten carbide grit blade Code Unit Loc for tiles.SIL641629 Each Code UnitBench Dog (695451) BenchSIL504653 EachCookie Cones 4pkSilverline (880380) Cutting & Scraping Set 4pceFail-safe project finishing system that holds your project off the workbench with minimal surfaceProtects hands and helps prevent contact, ensuring continued stabilitykickback, binding and bent blades. throughout the entire finishingUse on table saws to keep long process. Allows finishing of bothstock tight against the rip fence, or sides of the workpiece withoutattach to fence to prevent workpieceComplete set for general cutting slipping or sliding and protectsfrom lifting during cutting. Featuresand scraping tasks. Ideal for flooring Bench Cookie Work Gripper padsintegral fittings for T-slots andprojects. 68mm HCS cutting blade from paint and other finishingincludes Mitre Slot Adaptor forfor wood and plastic. 22mm bi-metal products. Custom-sized to fit thetables and fences with standard 3/8cutting blade for metal and wood with Bench Dog Bench Cookie Workx 3/4 slots. Built-in set-up feathernails. 80mm HSS cutting blade for Grippers. provides easy tension setting. wood and metal. 52mm HCS scraper.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL695451 Each SIL693375 Each SIL880380 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 471'