b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSHOSE CLIPSHOSE CLIPS LIGHTNING BOLTS MASONRY BOLTS FIXINGS & FASTENERSJubilee Stainless SteelTask 831428 Hose Clamp SetForgefix Lightning BoltsFixman Concrete Masonry Hoseclip 12pc Yellow Passivated Bolts Pack of 10Concrete Bolts, Hex Head, ZYP Finish, Boxed.Code Unit Non-expansion fixing bolt fixes SIL831428 Each Code Size Unit directly to pre-drilled masonry, M10 Box hollow block, brick and concrete.Jubilee hose clips in 304 (18/8)Fixman Hose Clips Pack of 10 FORLGB1060 60mm 50HOSE CLIPS, JOINTING BLOCKS, LIGHTNING BOLTS, LOOSE BOLTS & MASONRY BOLTSstainless steel are widely used acrossCode Size Unitall industries where hose clips areFORLGB1075 75mm 50used to secure hoses, as well as forFORLGB10100 100mm 50 M10 Packother applications. Their corrosionFORLGB10130 130mm 25 SIL663492 75mm 10resistance enables their use in theSIL992631 100mm 10marine, oil and gas and food sectors,FORLGB10150 150mm 25as well as the agricultural, hardwareM12 Box SIL764399 130mm 10and industrial sectors, where higherFORLGB1275 75mm 50 M12 Packcorrosion resistance is required. SIL386308 75mm 10Ideal fixing for flexible rubber hose,FORLGB12100 100mm 50Code Size (mm) Unit plastic hose and flexible pipes. UsedFORLGB12130 130mm 25 SIL513133 100mm 10JUBSSOOO 9.5-12 Each in gardens, workshops and garagesFORLGB12150 150mm 20 SIL525059 150mm 10JUBSSMOO 11-16 Each where an air or water-tight seal isM8 Packrequired. Slotted 1/4 hex drive. FORLGB12200 200mm 20JUBSSOO 13-20 Each M16 Box SIL911525 60mm 10JUBSSO 16-22 Each Code Size Unit SIL570612 100mm 10JUBSSOX 18-25 Each SIL721879 10-16mm (MOO) Each FORLGB16100 100mm 10 SIL522323 130mm 10JUBSS1 25-32 Each SIL449926 12 - 20mm (OO) Each FORLGB16150 150mm 10 SIL784257 150mm 10SIL625821 16 - 22mm (O) Each M6 BoxJUBSS1A 22-30 Each FORLGB650 50mm 100JUBSS1X 30-40 Each SIL734117 18 - 25mm (OX) Each FORLGB675 75mm 100 Timco Multi Fix Bolts Hex JUBSS2 40-55 Each SIL578018 22 - 30mm (1A) Each Flange Zinc PlatedFORLGB6100 100mm 100JUBSS2A 35-50 EachJOINTING BLOCKS FORLGB6130 130mm 100JUBSS2X 45-60 Each FORLGB6150 150mm 100JUBSS3 55-70 Each Modesty Block M8 BoxJUBSS3X 60-80 Each FORLGB860 60mm 100JUBSS4 70-90 Each FORLGB875 75mm 100JUBSS4X 85-100 Each FORLGB8100 100mm 100JUBSS5 90-120 Each Code Size (mm) UnitFORLGB8130 130mm 50 TIMMF650 6 x 50 Box 100JUBSS6 110-140 Each FORLGB8150 150mm 50JUBSS6X 130-150 Each Code Colour Unit TIMMF675 6 x 75 Box 100JUBSS7 135-165 Each FOR100MOD0 White Bag 100 LOOSE BOLTS TIMMF6100 6 x 100 Box 100FOR100MOD1 Brown Bag 100 TIMMF6130 6 x 130 Box 100Fixman (138252) Hose ClipsAnchor Bolt Loose TIMMF6150 6 x 150 Box 75Pack 60pce Worktop Clamp TIMMF860 8 x 60 Box 100TIMMF875 8 x 75 Box 100TIMMF8100 8 x 100 Box 50TIMMF8130 8 x 130 Box 50TIMMF8150 8 x 150 Box 50TIMMF1060 10 x 60 Box 50Code Size UnitTIMMF1075 10 x 75 Box 50M10TIMMF10100 10 x 100 Box 50FOR5LB1010 10mm Bag 5TIMMF10130 10 x 130 Box 50Code Size Unit FOR5LB1025 25mm Bag 5TIMMF10150 10 x 150 Box 25Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance.FOR10WTC150 150mm Bag 10 FOR5LB1050 50mm Bag 5Connects pliable hose to rigidFOR5LB1075 75mm Bag 5 TIMMF1275 12 x 75 Box 50circular pipe. Ideal for automotiveSecurit Jointing Block M12 TIMMF12100 12 x 100 Box 25and general use applications.TIMMF12130 12 x 130 Box 25Includes sizes 10-16mm, 13-19mm,FOR5LB1210 100mm Bag 518-25mm, 20-32mm and 25- TIMMF12150 12 x 150 Box 25FOR5LB1225 25mm Bag 538mm. Handy storage case withTIMMF12200 12 x 200 Box 25compartments. FOR5LB1240 40mm Bag 5FOR5LB1260 60mm Bag 5Code Unit M6 DECORATINGSIL138252 Each FOR10LB610 10mm Bag 10See pages 67-110Card of 8. FOR10LB625 25mm Bag 10Code Colour Unit FOR10LB640 40mm Bag 10MPSS6706 White Card of 8 M8MPSS6707 Brown Card of 8 FOR10LB810 10mm Bag 10MPST6706 White Bag 100 FOR10LB825 25mm Bag 10MPST6707 Brown Bag 100 FOR10LB840 40mm Bag 10Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 133'