b'HAND TOOLSSTAPLERS & STAPLESSTAPLERS & STAPLES HAND TOOLSSTAPLESArrow JT21 Staples Arrow T18 Staples Box 1000 Arrow T30IP Staples 8mm.Arrow T50CT Ceiltile Staples Box of 5000 13mmSTAPLERS & STAPLESPack size: 1,000 Flat crownRound crown Code Size UnitPack size: 1,000ARRJT2114 6mm Box 1000Also Available in Monel and Beige Pack size: 5,000Ceiltile staples ARRJT21516 8mm Box 1000Pack size: 1,250ARRJT2138 10mm Box 1000 Code Size Unit Code Size UnitPerfect for ceiling tile insulationARRT1838 10mm Box ARRT30IP516 5/16 Box Flat crownARRT18716 11mm BoxArrow P22 StaplesArrow T50 Stainless SteelCode Size UnitArrow T20 Staples Staples 3/8 ARRT50CT 13mm BoxArrow T50MP Staple Multi Pack Ideal for thin paper bags Perfect for hobbyist Box 1000 Flat crown Crown width: 5/16 (8mm) Code Size UnitPack size: 1,000ARRP2214 6mm Box 5000Flat crown Box 1000ARRP22516 8mm Box 5000 Code Size UnitARRT20516 8mm Box Code Size UnitArrow P35 Staples 10mm ARRT2012 12mm Box ARRT50SS38 3/8 BoxArrow T25 Staples Arrow T50 Staples Contains approx 625 staples of each size 12mm (1/2), 10mm (3/8) and 6mm (1/4) Clam packed for display purposes Code UnitARRT50MP EachLeg length: 3/8 (10mm) Fixman (343711) Desk StaplesCrown width: 7/16 (11mm) 5000pk 12.8 x 6mm (24/6)Pack size: 5,000 Pack size: 1,000 Heavier duty than P22 staplesCode Size Unit Able to penetrate thicker paper ARRT2538 10mm BoxstockStaple even more pages than itemARRT25716 11mm BoxPack size: 1,250354 ARRT25916 14mm Box Flat crown Use for display signsIdeal for use with the T50SA and Arrow T30 Staples 5/16 Code Size Unit (8mm) T50SHAARRP3538 10mm Box 5000Flat crown Arrow S107 Staples 1/4 Code Size UnitARRT5014 6mm BoxARRT50516 8mm BoxARRT5038 10mm Box Strong, galvanised wire with sharp ARRT5012 12mm Box points for excellent penetration and ARRT50916 14mm Box top performance. 6mm leg length staples up to 30 sheets. Suitable for Rexel, Rapid, Leitz, Novus, Esselte, Arrow, Stanley and other branded Blue point staples. T30 5/16 (8mm) staples. Box 1000 staplers.Code Size Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitARRS107BP 6mm Box 2500 ARRT30516 8mm Box SIL343711 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 323'