b'HARDWAREHARDWARE DEKTONDekton DT70556 12mmDekton DT70564 8mmDekton DT70578 S Hook SetDekton DT70629 Endless General Purpose Hooks 2pc Bicycle Hooks 3pc 10" 10pc Ratchet Strap Set 25mm x 5m 2pcHARDWAREPlastic coating prevents scratches. Ideal for hanging hoses, tools and wood.Code Unit Ideal for use around the home, 2 x 6" hooks. Plastic coatingkitchen, garage, shed and workshop.Endless ratchet strap ideal for cars, DEKDT70556 Each prevents scratches. Ideal for hangingHang on existing objects withoutbikes, trailers and boats. Strong Dekton DT70558 16mm Generalbicycles, ladders and tools.the need for screws or nails. Vinylstraps max load 250KG. Quick Purpose Jumbo Hook 1pc coated for corrosion resistance. release lever. Weather resistant 6" (150mm) Pack of 2 polyester.Code UnitCode Unit DEKDT70578 Each Code UnitDEKDT70564 Each DEKDT70629 EachDekton DT70610 Ratchet Tie Dekton DT70565 S Hook SetDown 25ft X 1" 130KG MaxDekton Braided Rope5pc LoadIdeal for hanging ladders, bicycles, tools, hoses and wood. Rubber end caps to prevent scratches. 16mm.Code UnitDEKDT70558 EachDekton DT70560 100mm Tubular Double Hook Ideal for camping, boating, For use around the home, kitchen, garage, shed and workshop. Hang onRatchet tie down ideal for cars,gardening, workshop and hobbies.existing objects without the need forbikes, trailers and boats. Secure SCode Size Unitscrews or nails. Easy and convenient.hooks. Coated hooks help protect against scratches. Strong straps maxDEKDT70630 4.0mm x 20m EachIdeal for hanging on doors, shelves,load 130KG. Quick release lever. 25ftDEKDT70632 5.5mm x 15m Eachbenches & much more.long 1" strap. 25mm x 25ft (130kg Code Unit Max Load) Dekton Heavy Duty Bungee DEKDT70565 Each Code Unit Cord Green 2PCIdeal for hanging bicycles, hoses, furniture, tools and ladders. DoubleDekton DT70568 S Hook SetDEKDT70610 Eachhook with rubber end caps to5" 6pcprevent scratches. 100mm. Dekton DT70615 Ratchet Tie Code Unit Down 4.5m X 1" 350KG Max DEKDT70560 Each LoadDekton DT70562 8mm Tool Hooks 3pcIdeal for securing luggage, for use around home, garage, workshop, camping and general use. Heavy Duty zinc plated steel hooks. 10mm Ideal for use around the home,thick.kitchen, garage, shed and workshop.Ratchet tie down ideal for cars, Plastic coating prevents scratches.Hang on existing objects withoutbikes, trailers and boats. StrongCode Length UnitIdeal for hanging hand tools. 8mmthe need for screws or nails. Vinylstraps max load 350kg. 25mm xDEKDT70640 450mm EachPack of 3. coated for corrosion resistance. 4.5m (350kg Max Load) DEKDT70641 600mm EachCode Unit Code Unit Code Unit DEKDT70642 900mm EachDEKDT70562 Each DEKDT70568 Each DEKDT70615 Each DEKDT70643 1m EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 23'