b'ELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGTORCHESELECTRICAL & LIGHTINGTORCHESActive A51357 Pro Series LEDBrennenstuhl RechargeableEnergizer S5515 LP09471Hilka 82020920 9-LED Torch LED Torch 10W Magnetic Torch + 2x AAAluminium Colour Mini TorchBatteries CREE LED - 200 Lumens Advanced focused beam control 1 x flood & 4 x spot 2 x AA batteries (included) With extra bright CREE-LED forTORCHES powerful lightCode Unit Several features: 100 % - 70 % - 40Ideal for outdoor and home ACTA51357 Each % - 10 % - strobe - SOS activities. Robust design. Super With integrated Li-Ion-battery 3.7bright LEDs with handy wrist straps. Brennenstuhl Cree LED TorchV/2.0 Ah Bright and economical, the EnergizerSold in full colour 12 pce display. 3 Magnet LED is a great choice foreach black, red, blue, silver.100lm 2xAAA Code Unit an everyday flashlight. It runs 45 BRE1178603200 Each hours on 2 AA size Alkaline batteriesCode Unitand the lifetime LED never needsHIL82020920 Eachreplacing. An attached wrist lanyard Brennenstuhl Rechargeableand easy to use slide switch provide LED Torch 10W added convenience. Plus the magnetHilka Dual USB Car Charger holds the light to metal surfaces. with Safety HammerCode UnitWith extra bright CREE-LED forENES5515 Eachpowerful light Infinitely variable focus Energizer S8935 LP01361 Dust protected and splash-proof, IPLEDLantern 2/4DUniversal dual USB 3.1A/1A car 54 charger suitable for most devices. Durable aluminum housing with clip Can charge two devices at once or Versatile and pocket-sized use 3.1A for fast charge. Aluminium Code Unit With extremely bright 10 W CREE- with tungsten steel tip can be used to LED break glass. Device used in 12v port BRE1178600051 Each which is to hand in an emergency.Switch with soft-touch function forProtection against overheating, Brennenstuhl Cree LED Torch100 % - 70 % - 40 % - strobe - SOS overcurrent and overcharging.250lm 3xAAALong operating life due to dual Li-Ion batteries 3.7 V/2.0 Ah battery Code UnitInclusive charger 2-pin HIL83550502 EachCode Unit Bright and dependable, theSilverline 226596 9-LED Soft BRE1178603600 Each Energizer LED Lantern is a great choice for everyday needs. FeaturingGrip TorchEnergizer S14670 LEDlong lasting LED technology, this Keychain Light with Touchergonomic solution also shines up to 5X brighter than standard LED Tech + 2x CR2032 technology. With power switch With extra bright CREE-LED fortechnology, users also receive the powerful light flexibility to operate with either 2Infinitely focus from laminary lightor 4 batteries. Users can be readynearby to high beam focused light for emergency situations with just 2Switch with soft-touch function forD batteries, or they can extend runCode Unit100 % - 30 % - SOS time for days on 4 D batteries. With hours and hours of clear light, usersSIL226596 Each Durable aluminum housing with will be prepared for a wide variety of wrist strap outdoor and indoor tasks.Code Unit Code UnitBRE1178600161 Each ENES8935 EachBrennenstuhl RechargeableHilka 82010920 9-LED Black LED Torch 5W Rubber Mini TorchThe Energizer Keychain Light with Touch Tech Technology combines the latest patented technology for easy, intuitive use. With the switchless innovation of Touch Tech, users get instant illumination just by grasping the light. Just release your grip when done using, and Touch Tech smoothly turns off the light. Touch Tech ensures that your light is With extra bright CREE-LED fornever left on accidentally and helpsIdeal for outdoor and home powerful light extend battery life. This technologyactivities. Robust design. SuperIntegrated Li-Ion battery 3.7 V/2.0makes this keychain light verybright LEDs with handy wrist straps.Ah with charging indicator convenient and easy to use. Sold in full colour 12 pce display. FOR REPLACEMENT BATTERIES Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitBRE1178603160 Each ENES14670 Each HIL82010920 Each See page 113124 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'