b'DECORATINGPAINTSPAINTS DECORATINGGLOSS PAINT HEAT RESISTANT PAINT LINE MARKING PAINTPaint Factory Colour It QuickRustins Quick Dry Small JobRustins Heat Resistant PaintEverbuild Trafficline Paint Dry Paint 300ml Gloss 250ml Black 700mlPAINTSQuick Dry Small Job is designed specifically for small painting projects. A water based hardwearing paint forA high quality water-borne, cross-interior & exterior use that is touchlinking acrylic resin. It is a low VOC dry in approximately 30 minutes. Apaint for use on metal and wood All purpose paint for interior and250ml will cover approximately 3.25and on both exterior and interior exterior use on metal, plastic andsq.mt. Suitable for use on wood andsurfaces. Clean brushes in water.A spray applied marking paint wood. Quick drying to a gloss finish.metal. (NOT FOR USE ON WOOD BURNINGfor permanent line marking. 300ml tin. Code Colour Unit STOVES) Heavy duty latex formulation for Code Colour Unit RUSGPBGW250 Buckingham Green Each Code Size Unit use over concrete, asphalt and Gloss RUSHRMB250 250ml Each most other surfaces. Ideal for car RUSGPBLW250 Black Each parks, warehouses, tennis courts, RAP3065 Black Each RUSGPBUW250 Buttercup Each RUSHRMB500 500ml Each playgrounds etc. Trafficable in 1 hour RAP3067 White Each RUSGPCHW250 Chocolate Each at normal temperatures. Designed to Matt LINE MARKING PAINT be used with applicator or by hand.RUSGPDEW250 Delphinium EachRAP3066 Black Each RUSGPGYW250 Pearl Grey Each Action Can LM-90 LineCode Colour UnitRAP3068 White Each RUSGPMGW250 Magnolia Each Marking Paint 750ml Aerosol EVETRAFFICRED Red EachRUSGPOBW250 Oxford Blue Each EVETRAFFICWE White EachRustins Quick Dry Gloss Paint EVETRAFFICYELL Yellow EachRUSGPPIW250 Candy Pink EachRUSGPPOW250 Poppy EachRUSGPWHW250 White Each MASONRY PAINTHEAT RESISTANT PAINT Rustins Masonry PaintEverbuild Heat Resistant Paint Matt Black 125ml F ast drying application Lead free productHighly durable and hard wearingA water based hardwearing paint F or use on internal and external for interior and exterior use thatareasis touch dry in approximately 30 minutes. Suitable for use on woodCode Colour Unitand metal. Conforms to the ToysACT1744 Yellow Each(Safety) Regulations 1995, BS:EN71Everbuild Heat Resistant Paint is aACT1745 White Each Rustins Quick Dry Masonry Paint is a Part 3. protective and decorative paint whichquick drying high performance paint is heat stable for temperatures up toACT1891 Red Each that dries to a smooth matt finish. Code Size Unit 600 degree Celsius. Can be brushed onACT1892 Blue Each For interior and exterior use on Black Gloss the required surface, and has a quickACT1893 Green Each masonry applications such as walls, RUSBLAGW250 250ml Each curing/drying time. It is suitable for usecement, stone, tiles and bricks.on domestic stoves, furnace chimneys,ACT1898 Black EachRUSBLAGW500 500ml Each industrial ovens and exhausts. It can beCode Colour UnitRUSBLAGW1000 1L Each used as a single coat, or two coats onEverbuild Surveyline Paint250mlWhite Gloss bare ferrous metal surfaces. 700ml RUSMASPB250 Black EachRUSWHIGW250 250ml Each Code Unit RUSMASPC250 Cream EachRUSWHIGW500 500ml Each EVEPCHEATPNT1 Each RUSMASPR250 Red EachRUSWHIGW1000 1L Each RUSMASPW250 White EachRustins High Heat Paint Black 500mlRUSMASPB500 Black EachRUSMASPC500 Cream EachRUSMASPR500 Red EachA spray applied marking paint forRUSMASPW500 White Eachcontractors/surveyors spot marking. Colour coded for electric, gas, water and cable company use. SemiHAND TOOLSA fast drying decorative paint thatpermanent formula lasts at least 3See pages 197-371can withstand temperatures of upmonths after application.to 600 degrees centigrade. Ideal for application on surfaces that typicallyCode Colour UnitTOP BRANDSwitness extreme temperatures. EVESURVEYBLUE Blue EachAT LOW TRADECode Size Unit EVESURVEYRED Red EachRUSHRBL250 250ml Each EVESURVEYWE White EachPRICES RUSHRBL500 500ml Each EVESURVEYYELL Yellow EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 85'