b'HAND TOOLSSAWS & BLADESSAWS & BLADES SCISSORS HAND TOOLSPIERCING SAWS TENON SAWS TOOLBOX SAWS Fit For Job Scissors Stainless Steel 250mm / 10Eclipse Piercing Saw Blades Jack 1360 Plus XPERT TenonHilka 45700014 Toolbox Saw Saw 10 14SAWS & BLADES & SCISSORSCode Desc. Unit Code Size UnitNEIPS32 32tpi Pk 10 NEW10507424 10 (250mm) Each Two component soft grip handle. NEIPS44 44tpi Pk 10 Hardpoint 7TPI blade.Plastic handle general purpose Silverline 763568 HardpointCode Size Unit scissors. Presented in card and Eclipse PS51 Piercing Saw 11.5 Tenon Saw 250mm 12 tpi blister.HIL45700014 14 (350mm) EachCode UnitHilka 45750914 Toolbox SawRODT14 Each14 9TPISilverline Tailor ScissorsPiercing saw for use in fine metal work such as jewellery and dentistry.Code Unit Hardened, tempered steel blade and NEIPS51 Each cross-ground, induction-hardenedDouble ground for fast cutting. Ideal teeth for faster cutting and longer- for ripping or cross cut. 9 teeth per lasting sharpness compared toinch. With soft grip handle, display PULL SAWS conventional handsaws. sleeve and blade protector. Stainless steel with precision-ground blades. Centre adjustment screw for Silverline 633518 CrosscutCode Unit Code Unit tightening or taking apart blades for Pull Saw 230mm 14tpi SIL763568 Each HIL45750914 Each sharpening. Mirror finish. For use with textiles, carpet and underlay, Jack 945 Plus Toolbox Saw 13 felt, rope, plastic film, plastic and Spear & Jackson B98fine wire mesh, paper and card.Predator Tenon Saw 12 Suregrip Handle Code Size UnitHardened, tempered steel blade. SIL820757 200mm (8) EachSIL344505 250mm (10) EachCode UnitSIL633518 Each IRWIN Jack 990 13 Toolbox SawSilverline (956775) with soft-grip for user comfort. TheElectricians Scissors 140mmTENON SAWS fine toothing gives a superior finish.Code UnitHilka 45700010 Tenon SawIdeal for cutting out a tenon andNEW10503632 Each10 13TPI cutting pelmets.Code Size Unit WIRE HAND SAWSNEIB9812 12 (300mm) Each Silverline 868879 Wire Hand Stanley 2-17-199 FatmaxSaw 330mm Heavy duty shearing scissors with serrated lower blade and integrated Cross cut saw ideal for cutting joints. Tenon Saw 12 notch for cable stripping. Cuts iron wire up to 5mm diameter. Centre Code Unit adjustment screw for tightening or HIL45700010 Each removing blades for sharpening. Ideal for thin section wire, small Hilka 45700012 Tenon Sawdiameter cable, fibre optic cable, Soft Grip 12 For cutting metal and plastic piping ininsulation, leather, plastic tubing, string, cord and thread. Blade length confined areas. Includes spare blade. 40mm.3 sided precision ground teeth offerCode Unit Code Unitrazor sharp cutting edges at everySIL868879 Eachstage of the stroke. SIL956775 EachHardpoint with 13 teeth per inch blade. Code Unit Silverline 633958 Chain BladeSilverline 200081 3-in-1 STA217199 Each Wood Saw 525mm Scissors 210mmCode Size UnitHIL45700012 12 (300mm) Each Stanley Tenon Saw 11tpiJack Tenon Saw 12Hardened and tempered steel blade. Suitable for use on soft and hard woods. Comfortable ergonomic3-in-1 scissors, fish scaler and Code Size Unit handles. Length 525mm. nutcracker.Code Size Unit STA217201 13 Each Code Unit Code UnitNEW10503534 12 (300mm) Each STA217202 14 Each SIL633958 Each SIL200081 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 295'