b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLS HAND TOOLSPIPE CUTTERSMonument TC3 Tube CutterSilverline Quick Cut PipeSilverline (830490) PlasticSilverline 408977 Quick 25-82mm Cutter Pipe Cutter 3 - 28mm Adjust Pipe Cutter 6 - 50mmPLUMBERS TOOLSHigh quality tool assures a squareQuick adjusting, cuts pipes from even cut. 6-50mm. Built-in pipe reamer andAll parts liable to wear are heatImpact-resistant, hard-wearingspare 2 wheels. Cutter is adjusted Hardened steel blade. Cuts coppernylon body with durable steel blade.using single spring-loaded release treated pipe quickly and neatly. Useful inIdeal for quick, repetitive cutting ofmechanism.The fluted handles of sizes 1 and 2Atight spaces. 3 - 28mm flexible plastic pipes such are fitted with a spare wheel as MDPE. Lightweight and portable.Code Unit Available in four models Size 0, 1,Code Size Unit Safety lock prevents opening duringSIL408977 Each 2A and 3 to cut pipe from 3mm upSIL245067 15mm Each transportation.to 82mm SIL633915 22mm Each Code Unit Silverline 633617 QuickThe spare wheel (MON273) fits allSIL868790 28mm Each Action Vinyl Pipe Cutter sizes. SIL830490 Each42mmCode Size Unit Silverline 675292 Quick CutSilverline 250478 PVC Pipe MONTC3 25 - 82mm Each Pipe Cutter Set 15, 22 &Cutter 25mm28mm 3pcMonument Wheels For CuttersMade from high quality, heat treated steels. Suitable for both 268 and 289Set contains 15mm, 22mm andDie-cast aluminium body with pipe slices 15 mm and 22 mm copper28mm cutters. Hardened and tempered steel blade.stainless steel blade. For ABS plastic, tube and MON 240C and MON 303 21Maximum cutting capacity 25mm.vinyl, PVC, polythene pipe and mm and 28 mm. Code Unit Easy plier-action grip with corrosion- conduit.Code For Cutters Unit SIL675292 Each resistant finish. Code UnitMON269N 0268K & 0289X Each Code Unit SIL633617 EachMON273A 0,1 & 2 Each Silverline (495750) QuickSIL250478 EachMON284I 0,1 & 2 Each Release Tube CutterSilverline Ratchet Pipe CutterMONW15PC 15pc & 22pc Each Replacement Wheels 2pk Silverline 633767 PVC Pipe Cutter 36mmRecord 200-30C Tube CutterStrong, cast-metal head with fully adjustable blade position for cutting Durable bearing steel construction.pipework between 8 and 29mm. Complete with a steel deburrer whichCuts copper, aluminium and folds into the body when not in use light-gauge steel pipe. 5mm boreCode Size Unit Has a capacity of 3-30mm on copper,diameter. Spare wheel for SilverlineSIL662789 8 - 29mm Eachbrass, aluminium and thin walled steel Quick Release Tube Cutter (868825). SIL662582 Wheel Each S pare cutter wheel is located in theCast aluminium body, hardened and handle Code Unit tempered steel blade. 36mm scope SIL495750 Each of cut. Cuts PVC, polythene, rubberSilverline 760004 Plastic & Code Unit and neoprene pipe and hoses. Rubber Tube Cutter 3-12.7mmNEWT20030C Each Silverline (961994) TubeCode UnitNEWT20030CD Each Cutter Replacement WheelsSIL633767 Each2pkRecord 200-45 Tube Cutter Silverline (957015) Plumbers Handy Saw 255mmTough, durable ABS body and stainless steel blade. Sharp, spear-This pipe cutter is for cuttingCarbon steel hacksaw blade andshaped blade for accurate cuts and plastic pipe with exceptionally thindurable polymer handle. Providesspring-loaded mechanism. Cuts cutting wheel and roller. It will alsoDurable bearing steel construction.unlimited depth of cut for cuttingnylon, rubber, silicone, PU, PVC, cut copper tube but its use shouldCuts copper, aluminium andplumbing waste pipes, downpipesPTFE and most other flexible plastic be confined to one or the otherlight-gauge steel pipe. 5mm boreetc. Use incomplete or shortenedtubing. Ideal for most types of as cutting copper will reduce thediameter. Spare wheel for Silverlineblades by sliding shortened part ofpneumatic tube and miscellaneous effectiveness of the wheel on plastics. Tube Cutter (MS127). blade through the handle. hose.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitNEWT20045 Each SIL961994 Each SIL957015 Each SIL760004 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 281'