b'GARDENING & OUTDOORGARDEN FORKSGARDENING & OUTDOORGARDEN FORKSBulldog BDF Digging Fork Bulldog Garden Fork Ash YDHilka Carbon Steel BorderHilka Stainless Steel Digging Handle Fork ForkSolid forged from one piece to give strength and durability inBorder fork with an ergonomic softDigging fork with an ergonomic the garden. Ash handle used forThis traditional style fork is solidgrip handle and hardwood shaft.soft grip handle and hardwood strength and durability. Handleforged from one piece to giveForward tilt handle giving the idealshaft. Forward tilt handle giving the length 28 (711mm). Made fromstrength and durability in thedigging angle. Heat treated carbonideal digging angle. Mirror polished GARDEN FORKS American and German FSC Ash.garden. Ash handle used forsteel head for increased strengthstainless steel head for increased Forged In Britain. Head size 11.5 xstrength & durability. Extra long 32and longevity. Powder coatingstrength, durability, rust resistance 7.5 (290 x 190mm). handle. Four prong design. Solidprovides greater protection againstand minimal soil adhesion.Forged. Head size 11.5 x 7.5 (290 xrust and scratches.Code Unit 190mm). Code UnitBULBDF Each Code Unit HIL92083060 EachCode Unit HIL92064060 EachBulldog Evergreen Border ForkBUL5704 Each Hilka Stainless Steel Hand Ash Handle Hilka Carbon Steel DiggingForkBulldog Premium Digging ForkForkAsh HandleHand fork with a hardwood handle A solid forged border fork with aDigging Fork with an ergonomic softand leather strap. Mirror polished long socket for durability, combinedgrip handle and hardwood shaft.stainless steel head for increased with an ash shaft and a newForward tilt handle giving the idealstrength, durability, rust resistance ergonomic forward angled hiltA solid forged digging fork withdigging angle. Heat treated carbonand minimal soil adhesion. Suitable with non-slip comfort feel grips.a long socket for durability,steel head for increased strengthfor breaking up soil in smaller areas.The head is manufactured fromcombined with an ash shaft and aand longevity. Powder coatingCode Unitdurable carbon steel, epoxy coatednew ergonomic forward angled hiltprovides greater protection against for rust resistance and reduced soilwith non-slip comfort feel grips.rust and scratches. HIL92088040 Eachadhesion. The head is manufactured from durable carbon steel, epoxy coatedCode Unit Silverline 229324 Premium Code Unit for rust resistance and reduced soilHIL92063060 Each Border Fork Ash Handle BUL7104 Each adhesion. 950mmCode Unit Hilka Carbon Steel Hand ForkBulldog Evergreen Border ForkBUL7103 EachStainless SteelBulldog Premium Potato Fork 9 ProngHand fork with an hardwood handleHardened and tempered epoxy-and leather strap. Heat treatedcoated carbon steel head and carbon steel head for increasedweatherproofed premium ash YD strength and longevity. Powderhandle. For digging, soil preparation coating provides greater protectionand planting. Double rivet Fork dimensions: 230mm x 140mm connection to socket for strength.Handle length: 28in (711mm) against rust and scratches. SuitableBlade length x width: 240 x 140mm.for breaking up soil in smaller areas. Polished stainless steel head Code UnitSoft grip forward tilted handle Code UnitThe tines on this old style fork haveHIL92068020 Each SIL229324 EachCode Unit a bulb on the end allowing most of BUL7904772890 Each the potatoes to be harvested withoutSilverline 229420 Premium the tines damaging the crop. KeyHilka Stainless Steel BorderDigging Fork Ash Handle features - 9 Prongs, 30 / 760mmForkBulldog Evergreen Digginghandle length, strapped handle, and990mmFork Stainless Steel bulb ended prongs.Code UnitBUL4737 EachBorder fork with an ergonomic softHardened and tempered epoxy-grip handle and hardwood shaft.coated carbon steel head and Forward tilt handle giving the idealweatherproofed premium ash YD Polished Stainless Steel Heads.digging angle. Mirror polishedhandle. For digging, soil preparation Ergonomic Forward Angled Handlestainless steel head for increasedand planting. Double rivet Reduces Stress On The Wrist. 28strength, durability, rust resistanceconnection to socket for strength. Shaft. FIND OUR FULLand minimal soil adhesion Blade length x width: 290 x 180mm.Code Unit RANGE ONLINE ATCode Unit Code UnitBUL7903772890 Each www.newtonhale.co.uk HIL92084060 Each SIL229420 Each164 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'