b'WORKWEAR & PPEEAR PROTECTIONWORKWEAR & PPEEAR PROTECTIONHilka 77808002 EarSilverline 427674 Corded EarSilverline 868768 ExpertSilverline Ear Plugs SNR 37dBDefenders Plugs SNR 37dB Pack-200 Folding Ear Defenders SNR 33dBEAR PROTECTION Disposable hygienic ear plugs for high level hearing protection.Lightweight and sturdy construction.Disposable hygienic corded ear plugs Padded for comfortable wearing. CEfor high level hearing protection.Code Desc. Unitapproved. Pack contains 200 pairs. SIL675240 5 Pairs EachCode Unit Code Unit Comfortable, folding ear defenders. SIL282557 Pk 200HIL77808002 Each SIL427674 Each Code UnitVitrex 333130 Corded Ear Silverline 140858 CompactSIL868768 Each Plugs (2 Pairs)Silverline 633815 Ear Ear Defenders SNR22DB Defenders SNR 27dB Vitrex 333100 Ear ProtectorsLightweight defenders with flexible headband for secure fit. Lightweight comfortable ear Lightweight design with foam defenders providing excellent Disposable foam ear plugs, shapedCode Unit hearing protection. padded cups for extended use for easy insertionSIL140858 EachF ully adjustable contoured Smooth outer surface for betterCode Unit headband - one size fits all hygieneSilverline 315357 ChildrensSIL633815 Each Suitable for use with power tools, Suitable for use with power tools, Ear Defenders (upto age 7) fibreglass & woodwork fibreglass & woodworkSilverline 633816 Folding Ear Ideal for home renovation, mowingPolymer foam compresses thenDefenders SNR 30dB / strimming & car maintenance expands for a perfect, comfortableReduces noise levels but stillfit allows the user to hear normalCorded to prevent accidental loss conversations or dropping when in use27dB - the number of decibels33dB - the number of decibels reduced by the product reduced by the productCode Unit Code UnitVIT333100 Each VIT333130 EachVitrex 333120 Ear Caps withVitrex Tapered Ear PlugsLightweight, adjustable and easyFoldable Headbandto wear.Code Unit Compact folding ear defenders providing high levels of hearing SIL315357 Each protection.Silverline 659862 ElectronicCode UnitEar Defenders SNR 30dB SIL633816 EachSilverline Ear Plugs U-Band Disposable foam ear plugs, shaped Multi-positional, can be worn overfor easy insertion the head, under the chin or behind Smooth outer surface for betterthe neck hygieneSupplied complete with 2 pairs ofSuitable for use with power tools, replacement caps fibreglass & woodwork Suitable for use with power tools, Polymer foam compresses then Solid state circuitry allows normalfibreglass & woodwork expands for a perfect, comfortable speech and sounds to be heard but Ideal for use with safety specs,fitautomatically deadens noise aboveLightweight semi-aural ear plugs.80dB. On/Off switch with adjustablegoggles, helmets, etc. Easy to insert & removevolume control. Auto-adjust headCode Unit Folds for convenient pocket storage 33dB - the number of decibels band. Uses 2 x AA batteries (notEar Plugs U-Band 24dB - the number of decibelsreduced by the productincluded. SIL245082 Each reduced by the product Code Desc. UnitCode Unit Replacement Pods Code Unit VIT333140 5 Pairs EachSIL659862 Each SIL457023 10 prs VIT333120 Each VIT333150 200 Pairs Each566 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'