b'HAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESHAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESPOINTING TROWELS Hilka Small Plastering Tool 1/2RST RTR10605 LondonSilverline CB50T PointingWHS Tyzack 11104ARCH-08 Pointing Trowel 5 Trowel 150mm Archaeology Trowel Wooden Handle 4TROWELS & ACCESSORIES Wooden handleSteel ferrule & tang Hardened tempered carbon steelHigh quality tempered stainlessCarbon steel blade blade with polished wooden handle.steel trowel and small square toolLondon pattern Hanging sleeve.Solid Forged - for extra strength designed for fine finishing work.High lift for extra knuckle clearance Fully hardened and tempered for The standard trowel shape forCode Unit strength and durability. Suitable for laying bricks pointing or cementing any smallHardened and tempered for the SILCB50T Each right balance between rigidity and Code Size Unit flexibility scale brickwork.RSTRTR10605 125mm Each Silverline Pointing TrowelTaper ground, thin to toe -Code UnitRSTRTR10606 6 (150mm) Each Soft-Grip increased flexibilty HIL66305010 EachRSTRTR10607 7 (180mm) EachThicker blade specifically designed for archaeologists RST Small ToolRST London Pointing TrowelCode Size UnitSoft Grip Handle NEI11104ARCH-08 4 (100mm) EachNEI11106Q-08 6 (150mm) EachSCRATCH BRUSHMasons small tools for pointing and Hardened and tempered carbon steelRST RTR8142 Scratcher/ repairing stonework and brickwork.:blade. Comfortable, soft-grip handleScarifier Tool Carbon steel bladefor prolonged use. Taper-ground T rowel and squareSoft grip handle from heel to toe for flexibility. FingerSteel ferrule & tang guard, thumb support and high liftCode Size Unit Carbon steel blade for good knuckle clearance. ForTrowel End London pattern pointing brick, block, paving andRSTRTR88A 12mm EachThe standard trowel shape forstonework. Leaf Endlaying bricks Code Size Unit RSTRTR88D 12mm EachCode Size Unit SIL368091 150 x 75mm Each Trowel EndRSTRTR10605S 5 (125mm) Each SIL469650 125 x 65mm EachF or the preparation of drywall surfaces RSTRTR88B 16mm EachRSTRTR10606S 6 (150mm) Each To help keying of plaster Leaf EndSpear & Jackson 10506P It has a soft touch handle forPointing Trowel 6 increased user comfort RSTRTR88E 16mm EachMarshalltown PhiladelphiaTrowel EndPointing Trowel Code UnitRSTRTR8142 Each RSTRTR88C 19mm EachLeaf EndSMALL TOOLS RSTRTR88F 19mm EachCK 5093 Small Tool 3/4 Silverline 456906 Plasterers Trowel & Square Tool 230mm Philadelphia Pattern - The heel hassharp angles 6(152mm) harden and temperedF orged from a single piece of highcarbon steel blade. Weatherproofed carbon steel for unsurpassed strength wooden handle. Metal Ferrule. Durasoft handle Code Unit Solid forged steel blade, hardened,tempered & ground for the optimumDouble-ended, solid forged steel. Code Size Unit NEI10506P Each balance of flexibility & strength. Ground, hardened and tempered for MARM455D 5 x 2.1/2 Each durability. For filling and touching-in Spear & Jackson Soft GripCode Size Unit intricate plaster work.MARM456D 6 x 2.3/4 Each Pointing Trowel CEK509334 19mm Each Code UnitSilverline CB48 TrowelSIL456906 Each125mm Silverline 226833 Plasterers Tool Set Leaf & Square 2pc Silverline 598421 Plasterers Leaf & Square Tool 230mmHarden and tempered carbon steel Hardened, tempered, carbon steelblade. Ergonomic soft feel handle.Flexible, durable spring steel blades.Solid ground forged steel, hardened blade with polished wooden handle.Integral finger guard. 8 x 192mm and 26 x 254mm. Forand tempered. For filling and Hanging sleeve. Code Size Unit filling and touching-in plaster work. touching in plaster work.Code Unit NEI11605PSF/14 5 Each Code Unit Code UnitSILCB48 Each NEI11606PSF/14 6 Each SIL226833 Each SIL598421 Each352 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'