b'PLUMBING & ENGINEERINGDEKTONPLUMBING & ENGINEERING WOODWORKINGDekton DT30510 SharpeningDekton DT30912 Hose ClipDekton DT40125 Chisel SetDekton DT40290 Wood Rasp Stone Set 5pc Set 8pc 4pc File Set 3pcPLUMBING & ENGINEERING & POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESTough anti-slip grips, Heavy duty Sharpening stone set ideal forsteel, 200mm long, Includes: Half sharpening chisels, scissors, shearsround rasp file: 19mm x 3.5mm, and knives. Medium and fineEasy turn with fitted butterfly styleround rasp file: 7mm, flat rasp file: Heat treated and hardened19mm x 3mm.aluminium oxide stones. Contains:screw. Worm gear type. No need forcarbon steel blades. Striking caps. rounded, triangular, thin flat, smalltools. Includes: 4 x 13mm - 23mm, 4Ergonomic anti slip grips. Includes:Code Unitflat and large flat sharpening stones. x 14mm - 27mm. 4mm x 250mm, 10mm x 250mm,DEKDT40290 EachCode Unit Code Unit 5mm x 250mm, 21mm x 250mm.Dekton DT40500 4" Clamp & DEKDT30510 Each DEKDT30912 Each Code Unit Spreader 2pcDEKDT40125 EachDekton DT30516 SharpeningDekton Welding MagnetStone 200 x 50mm x 25mm Dekton DT40130 Wood Chisel Set 3pc2 sides: fine side to removeABS handle and rotation button, imperfections and coarse side to15kg clamp force.sharpen tools. Use with water orCode Unitoil. Combination silicone carbide.DEKDT40500 Each200mm x 50mm x 25mm. Ideal for welding, soldering, Code Unit assembly marking off and pipeDekton Rapid Bar Clamp installation. Strong magnet. DurableProfessionalDEKDT30516 Each body. Works at angles of 45, 90 and 135 degrees.Dekton DT30910 Hose ClampCode Size Unit Hardened steel blades. Steel striking Set Assorted 34pc caps. Impact resistant anti slip grips. DEKDT30930 25lb Each Includes: 250mm x 13mm, 260mm x DEKDT30932 50lb Each 19mm, 260mm x 25mm.DEKDT30934 75lb Each Code UnitWOODWORKING DEKDT40130 EachDekton Hand Sanding Block Dekton DT40210 SmoothingNylon handle and ABS rotation Plane 9.1/4" (234mm) button, 45kg clamp force.Code Size UnitDEKDT40502 6" EachDEKDT40504 12" EachDEKDT40506 24" EachZinc plated. Worm gear type.DEKDT40508 36" EachIncludes 2x 2.3/4", 2x 2.1/2", 4x 2.1/4", 4x 2", 6x 1.3/4", 6x 1.1/2", 6xDekton DT40528 F Clamp 1.1/4", 4x 1.1/16" 50mm x 300mmCode UnitDEKDT30910 EachClamping mechanism to securelyIdeal for smoothing wood to help hold sanding paper in place andachieve a professional finish, Easily makes it easy to install and removeadjust cutting depth with thumb sand paper. Bonded foam padscrews, Includes carbon steel underside to ensure even contant.smoothing blade, Ergonomic handle Lightweight and easy to use. for comfort, Perfect DIY, tradesmanStrong cast iron jaws. Anti-slip grips. ALL PRODUCTSand workshop. Soft jaw guards.AVAILABLE ONLINECode Size UnitDEKDT30693 4.5" Each Code Unit Code Unitwww.newtonhale.co.uk DEKDT30692 6.5" Each DEKDT40210 Each DEKDT40528 Each10 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'