b'GARDENING & OUTDOOROUTDOOR PEST CONTROLGARDENING & OUTDOOROUTDOOR PEST CONTROLFixman (142014) Prickle StripFixman (773154) Solar- Fixman 195478 Tunnel MoleRentokil FC84 Cat Deterrent 8pk 490mm Powered Mole Repeller 650m2 Trap 150mm GranulesFix on top of walls, gates and fences to deter intruders and unwantedSonic wave sound and vibration pests. technology repels moles by simulating predators. BatteryTraditional metal trap with zinc Code Unit recharges via solar energy for acoating. Powerful, fast and effective. OUTDOOR PEST CONTROL SIL142014 Each long-lasting and effective solution.Chemical-free and non-toxic. Coverage 650m2. Rechargeable 1.2VReusable. Loose granules consisting of Fixman (494995) Sonic MoleAAA 80mA Ni-MH battery included. Code Unit concentrated food grade garlic to Repeller Code Unit SIL195478 Each deter cats from gardens.SIL773154 Each Code UnitFixman 197810 Mole TrapRENFC84 EachFixman (966202) Seagull210mmSpikes 10pk 500mm (2 Spike) Rentokil FMS22 Scissor Mole TrapBattery-operated device emits pulsating vibrations through the ground to repel moles by simulating potential predators. Covers area up to 850m2. Requires 3 x D batteries.Polycarbonate base with stainless Code Unit steel anti-perch spikes for protecting SIL494995 Each problem areas from perching andMetal mole trap with zinc coating. roosting seagulls. Width 220mm.Fast and effective. Reusable.Fixman (545565) Slug TrapSpike length 150mm. Code UnitPack of 2 Code Unit SIL197810 EachSIL966202 Pack-10Fixman Bird Spikes 500mm Fixman 194706 Scissor MolePack-10Trap 185mmTraditional, humane control of moles. Rust resistant, robust and reusable. Powerful killing action, easy to use and set.Code UnitPolycarbonate base with stainlessRENFMS22 Eachsteel spikes.Can be attached to wooden or concrete surfaces using pre-drilled holes or to plasticRentokil FMT21 Tunnel Mole surfaces with double-sided adhesiveTrapPlace in the garden semi-submergedor suitable glue (not included). and add beer and salt to attract andPrevents birds from landing on kill slugs and snails effectively. buildings and fences. Width 50mm. Metal trap with zinc coating. HandlesSpike length 105mm.Code Unit squeeze together and the loose plate SIL545565 Each fits in the centre of the trap beforeCode Size Unitthe trap is placed in the mole run.SIL196319 2 Spike EachHandles spring apart when mole isSIL196435 4 Spike EachFixman (610831) Insectcaptured.Screen Mesh Window Set 1500 x 1300mm Code Unit Rentokil FBT22 Bird Repellent SIL194706 Each TapeFixman 195210 Humane MoleTraditional, humane control of Trap 200mm moles. Rust resistant robust and reuseable.Code UnitRENFMT21 EachDouble-entry plastic tube trapsReflects sunlight to scare off birds. Fine mesh fly screen provides anmoles humanely. Captured animalsUses light, sound and motion.effective barrier against flying andcan be released at a convenientContains one roll of tape / 45m biting insects. location elsewhere. length. WIDE RANGE OF PEST CONTROL Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL610831 Each SIL195210 Each RENFBT22 Each AVAILABLE ONLINE174 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'