b'HAND TOOLSAUTOMOTIVEAUTOMOTIVE HAND TOOLSSPARK PLUG TOOLS SPONGES & LEATHERSSilverline 202148 Spark PlugChamois Leather Silverline 250269Silverline 380574 Microfibre Gap Tool 0.5-2.55mm / 0.02- Chamois De-Misting BlockWash Mitt0.1 80x125x45mmAUTOMOTIVECoin-type tool with flanged hole to adjust the side wire withoutSoft foam block with chamois cover. damaging the centre element andQuickly de-mists windows. Car wash and polish mitt outer rim to measure the electrodemanufactured from 80% polyester gap. Metric 0.5-2.55mm, imperialCode Unit and 20% polyamide.0.02-0.1. Solid alloy steel. SIL250269 Each Code Size UnitCode Size UnitCode Unit HOLHOL200 2 sq feet Each SIL380574 270 x 170mm EachSIL202148 Each Silverline 250276 Microfibre HOLHOL300 3 sq feet Each Cloth Cleaning Set HOLHOL400 4 sq feet Each 400x400mm Pack-3 Silverline 719788 Telescopic Silverline 868885 BatteryCar Cleaning Brush 1070 - Post & Terminal Cleaner1760mm90mm Fit For Job PSAB Preparation SpongeSelf-contained twin steel brushes. Top brush cleans battery leadWater through flow telescopic terminals, bottom brush cleansIncludes super-absorbent dryingbrush. Extends from 1070-1760mm. battery posts. cloth for quick removal of waterFeatures on/off water control and Code Unit droplets, soft polishing cloth forquick connect attachment. For SIL868885 Each Giant bone-shaped retail spongehigh gloss shine, and finishing clothcleaning vehicles, paintwork and with abrasive back, ideal for mostto leave windscreens and mirrorsconservatories.decorating and cleaning jobs.streak-free. Code UnitSilverline Spark Plug DeepFor wallpaper stripping, paintCode UnitSocket Set 16mm & 21mm 2pc preparation and general cleaning. SIL719788 EachSIL250276 EachCode Unit Silverline 723890 Telescopic RODPSAB Each Silverline 250297 SyntheticVehicle Window Cleaning Chamois Cloth 400 x 300mm Brush 1320 - 2140mmNova Jumbo SpongeHardened tempered chrome-plated corrosion-resistant chrome vanadium. Chamfered end for positive nutTelescopic brush for all types of location, with rubber inserts for pluggeneral cleaning tasks including retention and protection. Contents: 16Super absorbent cloth. Driescleaning vehicles. Soft bristles and 21mm spark plug sockets. bodywork quickly, leaving a smear- and double-faced removable head. free shine. Standard hose fitting. 2 foam rubber Code Size Unit grips. Extends from 1320mm to SIL244982 3/8 Drive Each Superior quality. Scratch freeCode Unit 2140mm.SIL793760 1/2 Drive Each cleaning. Suitable for interior andSIL250297 Each Code Unitexterior use. 22cm x 12cmCode Unit Silverline 250304 SiliconeSIL723890 EachSPONGES & LEATHERS Car Drying Blade 300mmHOLS105 Each Silverline 741650 Soft Wash Carplan CTA003 Jumbo Sponge Brush 150mmSilverline 250255 Cleaning Sponge 220 x 110 x 50mmSweeps away water droplets faster Super absorbent car sponge, holdsthan a cloth or sponge. Soft silicone water and removes dirt from paintwork,Multipurpose sponge ideal forblade flexes to follow contoursSoft bristles prevent scratching to glass, trim, wheels and tyres. It hascleaning all types of vehicles.without scratching. Ideal for carsurfaces. Curved front edge and a large surface area for effectiveVacuum packed, expands to full sizebodywork, showers, windows andtapered width 60mm at front to cleaning with minimum effort. when wet. other smooth surfaces. 40mm at back. Soft-grip handle.Code Size Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitTETCTA003 400ml Each SIL250255 Each SIL250304 Each SIL741650 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 217'