b'GARDENING & OUTDOORWOOD SPLITTINGGARDENING & OUTDOORWOOD SPLITTINGBulldog BLS6LBFG LogSilverline 633757 LogSilverline 763553 FibreglassWood Splitting WedgeSplitter 6lb 36 FibreglassSplitting Maul Hardwood 6lb Log Splitting Maul 6lbShaftDrop-forged carbon steel headDrop-forged, carbon steel head with Timber splitting wedge, made from and 90mm wide cutting blade forheat-treated, ground and polishedhigh quality carbon steel. Shaped fibreglass shaft splitting oversize or irregular shaped cutting edge with blade guard. Long Used for splitting firewood andWOOD SPLITTING Soft touch grip logs. Heat treated, ground andfibreglass handle with nylon jacket. felling trees.Resin bonded head polished cutting edge. 900mm shockHead weight 6lb absorbing hardwood shaft. Code Unit Code Size Unit Code Unit SIL763553 Each CAR09SW00 230mm (9) EachCode UnitBULBLS6LBFG Each SIL633757 EachSilverline 868729 Log Silverline 676532 Log BombSplitting Wedge 6lbHilka 60621006 Splitting165mmMaul Fibreglass 6lb ShaftTough, diamond-shaped woodDrop-forged carbon steel hardened splitter. Splits logs in 4 directions.and tempered 2.7kg (6lb) wedge. Spherical striking face for a centredFor splitting tough, oversized or High quality forged head with sturdyblow. Sharp point for easy insertionirregular shaped logs. Use with fibre glass shafts and soft gripand notched to prevent pop out. Usesledge hammer or maul.rubber handles. with sledge hammer for best effect. Code Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit SIL868729 6lb EachHIL60621006 Each SIL676532 EachWE HAVE THE TOOLSFOR YOUR TRADESMEN194 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'