b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESHOLESAWS & ARBORSHOLESAWS & ARBORS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESHOLESAW KITS HOLESAWSSilverline 595759 PlumbersSilverline 633729 Holesaw KitSilverline Adjustable HoleSilverline (963755) Double Bi-Metal Holesaw Kit 19 -19 - 127mm 16pc Cutter Box Cutter 80 x 140mm57mm 9pcCuts holes quickly and easily in wood, plasterboard or plastic. 2-cutter design. Maximum cutting Heat treated teeth. For hard and softdepth 30mm. Max speed 500rpm.Precision-machined cutting edges. HOLESAWS & ARBORSwoods, plastic, plasterboard and nonUse with brace. SDS Plus shank. Use with Silverline ferrous metals. Contains 12 holesawsTCT Masonry Circular Cutter 19, 22, 29, 32, 38, 44, 51, 64, 78, 89,Code Size Unit 633780. Use with SDS Plus drill with Variable pitch holesaws in bi-metal102 and 127mm; 6mm (1/4) andSIL447132 30 - 120mm Each Roto Stop feature only. Suitable construction. Hardened HSS teeth,10mm (3/8) arbors; ReinforcingSIL427644 40 - 300mm Each guide hole must be pre-drilled.flexible high carbon steel backing.plate and hex key. In robust storageCode UnitUsed for cast iron, stainless andcase. Silverline 633732 Solid Board structural steel, bronze, copper, PVC,SIL963755 EachCode Unit Access Cutter 110mmalloyed and non-alloyed aluminium, acrylic and wood. Contents: 19, 22,SIL633729 Each Silverline Bi-Metal Holesaw29, 38, 44 and 57mm holesaws. Includes 2 arbors and mandrelSilverline 868779 Diamond adaptor. Grit Holesaw Kit 19 - 57mm 11pcCode UnitSIL595759 EachFor drilling access holes in solid Silverline 633479 Holesawboards up to 25mm thick. Integrated Kit 21 - 64mm 11pc rebate cutter for hole covers. Use with 32 - 152mm holesaw arbor.Heavy duty variable pitch holesaw. Plastic covers for holes availableBi-metal construction. Hardened (code 868711). HSS teeth, flexible high carbon steel Code Unit backing for fast clean cut. For cast iron, stainless and structural steel, SIL633732 Each alloyed and non-alloyed aluminium, SIL868711 Each bronze, copper, PVC, acrylic and wood.Diamond grit tipped holesaw kit. ForSilverline 633780 TCTCode Size Unitcutting marble and ceramic tiles.SIL633694 16mm EachAlso suitable for MDF, chipboard andMasonry Circular Cutter 77mmplywood. Incl 19, 22, 29, 38, 44 andSIL273234 20mm Each57mm holesaws; 2 arbors; 2 x 8mmSIL595768 25mm Eachpilot drills and 1 mandrel adaptor.SIL447140 29mm EachIncludes popular sizes: 21, 25, 29,Fitted aluminium storage case.38, 44, 51 and 64mm holesaws,SIL349763 32mm EachCode Unit SIL186818 35mm Eachpilot drill, 2 arbors and hex key. MaxSIL868779 Eachspeed 1500rpm. SIL823540 38mm EachCode Unit HOLESAWS For drilling into brick, breezeSIL199882 40mm Eachblock and concrete block (max 45SIL380657 51mm EachSIL633479 Each Newtons). Use with square hole Silverline 633706 Adjustablecutter to form recesses for electricalSIL819723 57mm EachSilverline 633621 TungstenHole Cutter with Cowling 40 -back boxes. SIL934144 60mm EachGrit Holesaw Kit 33-83mm200mm Code Unit SIL224520 64mm Each8pc SIL633780 Each SIL388388 68mm EachSIL704409 70mm EachSilverline 868742 Square BoxSIL292711 76mm EachCutter 77mm SIL436754 86mm EachSIL675180 92mm EachSIL934114 102mm EachSIL282507 108mm EachSIL427630 114mm EachCowl with two cutters for wood,SIL298536 127mm Eachplastic, plasterboard, aluminium, brass and acrylic sheets. Cutter armSIL801291 152mm Eachhas diameter graduations at 5mm intervals. Cowl reduces debris and Contains 33, 53, 67, 73 and 83mmrisk of injury from flying particles. tungsten carbide grit holesaws;Includes hex key, 1 pair of TCT-tippedPrecision machined cutting edges. 8mm pilot drill; universal arbor andblades, 1 pair of carbon steel blades,Use with TCT Masonry Circular half-round carbide grit file. Ideal forlip and spur bit, and TCT-tippedCutter 633780. Use only with SDS drilling through wall or floor tiles. masonry drill. Maximum 500rpm. Plus drill with Roto Stop feature.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL633621 Each SIL633706 Each SIL868742 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 475'