b'HAND TOOLSHANDLINGHAND TOOLSHANDLINGHOISTS MATSSilverline 442463 ElectricDickie Dyer (312627) Neat-A- Dickie Dyer (686210) SurfaceDickie Dyer Maintenance MatHoist 500kg 900W Sheet 1.5 x 2m - 16.006 Saver Boiler Workmat 900 x 670mm - 16.011HANDLINGDurable, dirt-resistant, easy to wipe- Durable, dirt-resistant, easy Heavy duty cotton drill. Superior,clean protective workmat. Flexibleto wipe-clean protective mat. durable and compact. Washableand padded to protect worktops andWater-absorbent, quick dry lining. Mains-powered electric hoist liftsand colour fast. Ideal for serviceother surfaces. Ideal for use duringWaterproof backing. For professional 250kg to 12m, or full 500kg toengineers and plumbers. Size 1.5maintenance, repair work or firstand DIY use.6m (using supplied return pulley).x 2m. fixes. Size 900 x 670mm. Code Size UnitPush-button remote control for slow, controlled, straight lifting at a safeCode Unit Code Unit SIL367343 1.35 x 0.8m Eachdistance. Features auto switch-offSIL312627 Each SIL686210 Each SIL286655 1.35 x 2m Eachlever and emergency stop switch.Code Unit ROPESIL442463 EachBeatall Braided Nylon Cord Poly Rope Blue Silverline 442793 Tow Rope 2 Silverline 748850 DIYTonne 4m x 14mmElectric Winch 12V 2000lbWhite. Diameter 2.75mm. Length 132m. Code Size UnitCode Size Unit ROP6220 6mm Coil Rot-resistant, poly-braided tow rope KENSIZE2 Size 2 Each ROP8220 8mm Coil with heavy duty forged hooks and Vehicle-mounted 2000lb capacityKENSIZE4 Size 4 Each ROP10220 10mm Coil plastic guards.electric winch powered by a 12V DC power supply, as found on modernKENSIZE6 Size 6 Each ROP12220 12mm Coil Code Unitvehicles. Fairlead roller mechanismKENSIZE8 Size 8 Each SIL442793 Eachallows 45 bilateral movement onPoly Rope Mini Coil Bluethe horizontal axis, and 15 bilateralKENSIZE10 Size 10 Eachmovement on the vertical axis forSilverline 443621 Elasticated cable guidance on and off of theHilka Poly Rope Tow Rope 4 Tonne 4m x 60mmdrum. 7.6m cable length with clutch-free spool mechanism. Includes vehicle mounting bracket.Code UnitSIL748850 EachSilverline Lever HoistPolypropylene rope, many applications. 15m x 6mm. Code Size Unit Resilient elasticated webbing design. Code Size Unit ROP630 6mm Coil Helps keep rope off the ground to HIL84905014 15m x 6mm. Each ROP820 8mm Coil avoid abrasion during overrun.ROP1015 10mm Coil Code UnitBlue Poly Rope On Reel ROP1210 12mm Coil SIL443621 EachSashcord Solid Braided Knot 10m Silverline 633636 Tow Rope 3 Tonne 4.5m x 50mmLow pulling force required for effortless operation. Compact andCode Length Unitlightweight for use in restricted areas with low head room. Usable in anyLEVSB10 10m Eachposition, inverted or angled. High quality alloy steel chain, mechanicalSashcord Waxed Knot 10mbrake and free chain adjustingLength approx 220m.feature to take up slack prior toHeavy duty polypropylene webbing engaging ratchet arm. CE tested andCode Size Unit with zinc-plated corrosion-resistant certified. Lifting height 1.5m. ROP6REEL 6mm Each safety hooks. Max pull capacity 3 Code Weight Unit ROP8REEL 8mm Each tonnes.SIL633809 750kg Each ROP10REEL 10mm Each Code Length Unit Code UnitSIL245051 3 Ton Each ROP12REEL 12mm Each LEVWAX10 10m Each SIL633636 Each248 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'