b'IRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSIRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSLONG SHACKLE PADLOCK OLD ENGLISH PADLOCKS SHUTTER & WAREHOUSE LOCKSHilka Long Shackle BrassSilverline Steel Padlock LongSquire 220 Old English Padlock Shackle Padlock Steel 38mm Kasp K170 Brass Shutter LockPAD LOCKSOriginally designed for securing commercial shutters and grilles, the Steel Padlocks for Harsh170 series is becoming increasing Solid brass rust and corrosionEnvironments. popular for a wider range of resistant, fully hardened shackle.applications where a higher level of Display packaged in double blisterCode Desc Unit security is required.card. Solid steel body with brass lockingSQU220 Eachcylinder. Protective chrome-platedSQU2203 To Pass Key No. 3 Each Code Size UnitCode Size Unit brass ring in base and chrome- KASK17063D 63mm EachHIL70720040 40mm Each plated, hardened double-locking,Squire 440 Old EnglishKASK17070D 70mm EachHIL70720050 50mm Each long shackle. Includes 3 steelKASK17090D 90mm Eachkeys. Horizontal x vertical shacklePadlock Steel 51mmclearance: 199876: 20x53mm; Hilka Long Shackle Laminated823534: 23x57mm; 186812:Kasp K175 Armoured Shutter Padlock 27x63mm; 349757: 37x66mm.Lock Steel 80mmShackle dia: 199876: 7mm, 823534: 10mm, 186812: 11mm, 349757: 12mm.Code Size UnitSIL199876 40mm EachSIL823534 50mm EachSIL186812 60mm EachSilverline Long ShackleSteel Padlocks for Harsh Aluminium Padlock Environments. With its ingenious design and Code Desc. Unit reassuringly heavyweight construction, the 175 series offers a SQU440 Padlock 2 Each high level of resistance to virtually Strong double locking shackle withSQU4403 Key No. 3 Each all common forms of attack.laminated steel body and protective vinyl bumper. Suitable for indoor useSQU4405 Key No. 5 Each Code Desc. Unitand supplied with 3 keys. KASK17580A1 With Keys to Pass EachCode Size Unit Squire 660 Old EnglishKASK17580D EachPadlock Steel 64mmHIL70606030 30mm EachHIL70606050 50mm Each Silverline Armoured Shutter Lock PadlockSecurit Tricircle Brass Padlock Long ShackleLightweight yet tough high-tech aluminium alloy body and hardened, chrome-plated steel shackle. Solid brass cylinder and corrosion-resistant stainless steel locking mechanismSteel Padlocks for Harsh with increased pick resistance.Environments.Secure, double-locking shackle resists pry attacks. Provides a high level ofCode Desc. Unitprotection. Includes 2 keys. SQU660 2.1/2 EachCode Size Unit SQU6603 Key No. 3 Each Close shackle hardened steel Code Size Unit armoured cover over brass body and SIL674961 40mm Each SQU6609 Key No. 9 Each cylinder. Hardened steel rotating MPSS1181 38mm Each SIL622257 50mm Each SQU66012 Key No. 12 Each shackle prevents cutting with any MPSS1182 50mm Each type of saw. Anti-drill cylinder with ball-bearing locking mechanism. Includes 3 steel keys. Horizontal x vertical shackle clearance: 819718: HERE TO HELP 20x15mm; 380651: 30x25mm; 792082: 36x25mm. Shackle dia: 819718: 10mm; 380651: 12mm; 0151 647 4255 792082: 12mm Size UnitCodeSIL819718 62mm EachCannot find what you are looking forSIL380651 81mm Eachor perhaps just need some advice?SIL792082 91mm Each430 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'